Heat Mats & Cables

Heat Mats & Cables


      Trying to maintain universal growth among a large number of seeds? You can improve uniform germination and growth with a heat mat. A heat mat gently warms up the soil, making it easier for seedlings to take root in pots, trays and other containers at the start of their germination.

      Heat maps range in complexity, from the basic for small trays and independent mats to larger mats that also come with their own dedicated thermostat and lighting systems for bigger gardens. Explore our heat mat options with our filter menus, or contact us today to discuss which heat map you should get started with if you're new to them.

      Help your plants take root with seedling heat mats available from Greenhouse Megastore.

      Seedling Heat Mats

      Start seeds the easy way with the addition of a seedling heat mat. While many plants can survive the cold once they're fully grown, it's less than ideal for helping them take root. Adding a heating mat to your indoor growing system will light up early-stage growth for healthier, more bountiful plants later.

      Increase Production on a Plant Heating Meat

      Using a greenhouse heat mat can increase germination rates and provide the best soil temperature conditions for optimum seedling growth. It also assists with achieving uniform germination. Finally, you can use a seed heat mat to provide localized warmth when certain plants need it but not the whole greenhouse.

      We have several waterproof heat mat systems for propagation, including SunPad, Gro-Mat and Redi-Heat electric mats. They range from small windowsill heat mats to commercial seedling mats for use with pots or trays. Indoor seed starter kits contain a heating pad for plants plus trays, humidity domes, soil and other supplies.

      Greenhouse Megastore also has thermostats to set the temperature and soil heating cables that can be buried in a garden or grow table tray to invisibly maintain ideal conditions.

      Best Heating Mat Value

      At Greenhouse Megastore, we will match any online competitor's price so you get the best deal on the best seedling growth. We also have free shipping in the contiguous U.S. for many qualifying orders. You can visit our Price Match Policy page and Shipping Policy page to learn more about how to benefit from your next order.