Hoop House, High Tunnel, Cold Frame


No matter what you call 'em, we have options to suit.

Our non-engineered greenhouses extend your growing season and boost production.


Hands down the best bang for you buck when you're looking to install an enclosed growing space. These greenhouses feature sturdy steel frames and cost-effective plastic film as a covering.


The roll-formed steel featured in many of these structures is stronger than both square and round tubular steel and half the weight. Plastic covering is UV treated and guaranteed to last a full 4 years before recommended

Easy to Build

If you can turn a wrench, you can build one of these sturdy greenhouse structures! Featuring bolt together roll-formed steel and innovative covering installation hardware, these greenhouses can be put together in a weekend.


Whether you're a market gardener looking for valuable season extension at rock bottom pricing, or you are contemplating a range of low cost buildings, these non-engineered structures are highly versatile and adaptable to any growing conditions and crops.

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Do You Qualify for a Free High Tunnel?

The USDA's NRCS program provides grant money for qualifying individuals and
businesses with the intent of installing a high tunnel for agricultural purposes.
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