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      When you don't want your plants to experience the full force of Mother Nature, simply cover them up. We have every kind of greenhouse plastic and fabric for tons of projects around work, home and garden. Provide cover to structures and open areas alike with the right greenhouse covering.

      Greenhouse Materials for Healthier Plants

      Owning a greenhouse isn't just about extending the growing season - it's about providing the appropriate environment. That's why we've stocked our shelves with all sizes and densities of quality coverings at the lowest prices! Shop grow space coverings if you need plastic sheeting for greenhouse walls and roofs. We have polycarbonate sheets, acrylic and polyethylene film for all applications.

      If you want to limit the amount of heat and sunlight plants are getting, use fabric greenhouse shade material. It greatly increases your climate control system efficiency - and these fabrics are perfect for outdoor living spaces, too. You can care for the rest of your landscape as well with ground and plant covers for blocking weeds, protecting against frost, controlling erosion and much more.

      Build the Perfect Growing Space

      From building new structures to greenhouse cover replacement, Greenhouse Megastore has the right supplies at the guaranteed lowest price. Order coverings in bulk rolls or pre-cut panels - or ask for a quote on custom sizing. Shipping is also free on orders over $99 almost anywhere in the U.S. Our friendly sales staff can help you with any project. So if you're stuck, call 1-888-281-9337 Monday-Friday.