Fertilizer Injectors

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      Fertilizer Injection Systems

      A greenhouse fertilizer injector is a fast and simple way to deliver precious nutrients to your plants. They're used as part of plant irrigation systems, sending fertilizer through the same tubes and pipes that carry water. It's a two-for-one setup that gives you better growth results while spending less time in your garden.

      Greenhouse Fertilizer Injector Units

      Whether you're looking for water-powered fertilizer injectors for remote operations or a high-powered injector using compressed air for commercial greenhouse and field applications, we've got the tools you need to get the job done. A drip irrigation fertilizer injector is the most common, letting you automate dispersion. They also work with hoses, sprinklers and hydroponics watering techniques.

      Design efficient fertigation systems with an assortment of parts and accessories. We are an authorized Dosatron fertilizer injector dealer and carry other leading brands. A fertilizer injector pump is adjustable and can be purchased with many different GPM (gallon per minute) capacities to match the irrigation system's flow. Fertigation starter kits include the hardware you need for new greenhouses and gardens. Order injector carts, mixing chambers, line filters and other accessories for great results.

      Custom Drip Fertilization

      Greenhouse Megastore has the lowest guaranteed prices on injector fertilizer solutions. You can use an injector for water-soluble pesticides, disinfectants, mineral acids and growth regulators, too, adding even more value. Call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 to speak with a fertigation expert.