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Fertilizer Injectors

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      Fertigation Systems

      Want to simplify the fertilizer application process? A fertilizer injection system, or fertigation system for short, uses existing drip irrigation and sprinkler systems to apply water-soluble nutrients. You can also use a fertilizer injector pump for wetting agents, pesticides, regulators and much more, making them an all-in-one garden care solution.

      Greenhouse Fertilizer Injector Kits

      We sell the leading fertilizer injector brands such as MixRite, Dosatron and E-ZY Grower so you can set up a high-quality nutrient delivery system. The Dosatron NDS Starter Kit is ideal for beginners with all the parts required to set up an inlet for your fertilizer injector pump. The injectors come in several models powered using different methods, including water-driven pumps when electricity isn't available. Various flow rates are also available, depending on how much fertilizer you need to apply. A mixing chamber is also recommended to improve the fertilizer/water blend for better, more even coverage.

      Authorized Fertigation Parts and Upgrades

      From there, you can customize your drip irrigation fertilizer injector layout so it fits your needs rather than someone else's. We have fertilizer pump filter kits to clear out water sediment, monitor kits that display real-time information about the fertilizer solution, injector carts for transporting a system to different grow zones and much more.

      Add an inline fertilizer injector to an outdoor drip system, indoor hydroponics setup or greenhouse sprinkler. These systems reduce the time you need to spend when growing healthy plants, and with our Low Price Guarantee, you'll spend less money, too. If you're unsure which inline fertilizer injector parts and accessories you need, call us Monday-Friday at 888-281-9337 for knowledgeable assistance.