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Plastic Film

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      Plastic for Greenhouse and Plant Coverings

      If you're building a custom plant structure, polyethylene greenhouse film is the most cost-effective way to cover it. The durable yet flexible material is easy to put up and is better for plants than glass, allowing increased natural light and UV protection. They're also a great way to cover garden plants so they're protected from extreme cold, whether overnight or for an entire winter.

      Shield Your Plants with Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

      Make affordable plastic greenhouses and garden covers with this collection of affordable poly film. It comes in several thickness levels depending on the planned use. Our 6 mil greenhouse covering material is the industry standard, offering a great combination of longevity and light diffusion. Thinner greenhouse films is good for general applications in milder environments and lets more light through if desired. A thick greenhouse plastic is excellent for harsh weather, water retention and even non-construction uses like erosion control. It also lets you create a more controlled growing environment.

      The Right Type of Greenhouse Poly

      We have a variety of bulk plastic sheeting for greenhouse and garden applications in convenient rolls. You can get 55% overwintering film, thermal control film, reinforced plastic film and other designs. Choose from clear, translucent white or light-blocking black film. Our customers also use these films for covering equipment, dividing indoor spaces, protecting surfaces and much more. Greenhouse Megastore has the guaranteed best prices on greenhouse plastic sheets and ships orders over $99 free in the contiguous U.S. Call us Monday-Friday if you have any questions about using poly film for plants.