Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric


      Landscape and Garden Fabric

      Instead of using chemicals to kill weeds or manually pulling them from the ground, considering using weed fabric to obstruct their growth. We have inexpensive and durable weed control fabrics for your gardens and landscaping at the guaranteed lowest prices. They let sun, moisture and nutrients through so plants can grow while preventing unwanted flora from sprouting.

      Reliable Landscape Material

      Greenhouse Megastore has a variety of landscape cloth solutions that can fully inhibit weed growth. They also insulate against extreme cold and heat to maintain more stable ground temperature. Shop for weed barrier fabric made of polypropylene, natural burlap, eco-friendly paper mulch and other materials. The toughest landscape fabric can last 20 years or more, holding up against heavy rain and winter cold.

      Our weed fabric has many other uses for landscaping. Placing geotextile material underneath the soil can reinforce the ground and reduce soil erosion. This prevents shifting around gardens, banks, patios and walkways so your property remains pristine.

      Put Down the Perfect Landscape Barrier

      We sell pre-cut sheets and bulk rolls of gardening fabric with volume discounts on many products. Whether you're looking for a long-lasting black weed barrier, a biodegradable weed barrier or another ground cover material, you can get it here. Call us Monday-Friday to learn more about the different types of landscaping fabric.