Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric


      Landscaping Fabric

      Putting down landscape fabric is a fast, easy way to prevent weeds from taking over gardens. You won't have to physically pull up weeds or apply chemicals, saving you time and reducing the risks for the plants you want to grow. Landscape cloth also helps control erosion so crops and roads don't wash away during storms and the ground doesn't shift over time.

      Form a Barrier with Weed Fabric

      We offer landscape fabrics and ground covers from leading brands such as Dewitt and Gardener Select. These one-way fabrics allow water, sun, nutrients and more to pass through the top while not allowing weeds to poke up from underneath. A good fabric will also resist the effects of harsh weather.

      Our selection includes woven landscape fabric, non-woven polypropylene fabric, UV-resistant fabric and other solutions. Biodegradable weed fabric such as natural burlap will eventually work itself back into the soil, adding nutrients and avoiding having to pull it up at season's end. Heavy-duty landscape fabric will last for up to 20 years while geotextile fabric can be laid permanently for everything from soil filtration to asphalt overlays. We also carry anchor pins, garden staples and other accessories to secure the fabric in place.

      Big Savings on Garden Fabric

      Gardeners can get as much weed barrier fabric as they need at Greenhouse Megastore. Some fabrics are sold in an assortment of pre-cut sizes. Others can be purchased in bulk rolls or by the foot. Select a fabric to learn more about it or contact us for a quote on custom landscaping fabric rolls.