Tree Care

Tree Care


      Tree Stakes, Tree Wraps, Tree Squares, Watering Bags

      From tree wraps to tree stakes to watering bags, our Trees category has all the accessories you need to keep your trees healthy and growing.

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      Tree Planting and Care Supplies

      The requirements for raising young trees and shrubs are unlike any other plant. Greenhouse Megastore has an assortment of tree care accessories that cover all stages of growth. We supply hobby gardeners, landscapers, nursery owners and certified arborists with the tools they need to grow healthy trees.

      How to Care for Trees

      Shop these carefully curated tree care supplies for everything from germination to transplanting. Our most popular items include poly fabric tree squares to block weed growth and the Dew Right Tree Water Bag that reduces stress as saplings acclimate in new environments. Breathable tree wraps are a great way to protect trunks from getting damaged by lawn care equipment. If a tree needs support to stay upright in its early stages, add a wire-free tree sling or use tree stakes.

      All tree care products offer a Low Price Guarantee and free U.S. shipping on qualifying orders. We can arrange bulk orders for tree professionals with volume discount pricing - contact us for a custom quote. New products are always coming into stock, and if you don't see the arborist supplies you need, we'll do everything we can to find them for you.

      A Complete Shopping Experience

      Greenhouse Megastore has more than 30 years of experience in horticulture which we happily share with you before and after the sale. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction includes full technical support that you don't get from box stores or other online greenhouse retailers. All tree care and planting supplies have an unconditional warranty for personal or business use.