Garden Fence

Garden Fence


      Fencing for Gardens and Landscapes

      Fencing, garden protection, border fence, garden edging, and wildlife prevention-

      As much as you may love the local wildlife, you don't want them getting into your prized plants. Provide protection or framing around your yard and garden using a durable garden fence or temporary netting. Keep birds, deer and other problem pests from accessing your growing area with an easy-to-install barricade.

      Wildlife Prevention with a Gardening Fence

      Greenhouse Megastore has a variety of ways to install garden protection. Our deer fencing and netting keeps them away from crops without causing harm. These barriers also hinder rabbits, racoons, neighborhood dogs and other critters. Protect gardens from above as well with a bird barricade net. If you have prized trees, wrap the trunk with hardware netting so pests don't chew it up.

      Polyethylene garden fencing and multipurpose netting have many uses in the yard. Use them as border fences and plant trellises, create a designated play area for kids and pets, or mark the boundaries of patios and outdoor pools. Some nets can function as venting, leaf drain barriers or chicken coop fencing. You can always form the right enclosure with the right landscape fence.

      Guaranteed Value on Garden Fences

      We will match any online competitor's price on all in-stock garden fencing and ship orders over $99 free in the contiguous U.S. If you have questions, knowledgeable sales associates are available to help Monday-Friday - call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337.