Tranquility Is Priceless

A greenhouse makes a stunning addition to any home

Distinctive Custom Greenhouse Designs for Distinctive Properties

Greenhouse Megastore has literally searched the world for the finest greenhouses and conservatories. As a result, we represent the premier luxury greenhouse manufacturers providing beautiful custom greenhouses. Our luxury line of estate quality garden structures, greenhouses and swimming pool enclosures are made from the finest materials and built to order so we can meet your unique requirements.

Your Luxury Greenhouse Designer

When purchasing a custom greenhouse from Greenhouse Megastore, you are guaranteed a greenhouse that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. It can be automated, irrigated, heated and cooled to be an effective tool for growing and maintaining plants. It can also be designed as a solarium or a combination of the two, becoming your own personal "Secret Garden."

We can create other structures as well, including pool enclosures and storage sheds. There are many options for a greenhouse frame, wall and roof coverings, venting and entryways. All custom greenhouses are designed to accommodate your growing needs, the local environment, the landscape, building codes and every other factor that must be considered. Once the design is finalized, our trusted greenhouse builders will do the rest and construct a stunning greenhouse with an industry-leading warranty.

Premium Greenhouse Kits

Call 1-888-281-9337 and let us help you design your custom greenhouse - or view pre-designed kits that offer the opulent plant-growing environment you're looking for with a streamlined shopping experience. Whether you want a sleek modern greenhouse, a grand Victorian greenhouse, an open-living conservatory greenhouse or something else entirely, our team can come up with a made-to-order structure that dazzles inside and out. Check out the gallery below for just a few of the greenhouse designs we've produced for DIY and commercial growers.

Featuring Gabriel Ash Greenhouses

Featuring B.C. Luxury Greenhouses

Lean-To Greenhouses and Home-Attached Greenhouses

Enjoy the easy access of a home-attached greenhouse. A lean-to greenhouse on a south-facing wall will be less expensive to heat and work better as a solar greenhouse in cold months than a free-standing greenhouse. Attached greenhouses can also be designed as small conservatories, glass houses, solariums or open additions to your living spaces.

Luxury Greenhouse Pool Enclosures

Unique swimming pool enclosure designs set our pool enclosures apart from more traditional covers. The large open span truss supports give plenty of height and an open space feel. High performance green reflective glass improves shading 40% over clear glass. Custom doors,
windows, and roof vents create top to bottom ventilation. Extend your swimming season, extend the life of your pool equipment and keep debris out of your pool.

Turn-key Solutions for Luxury Greenhouses

Greenhouse Megastore offers turnkey custom greenhouse solutions with experience in the commercial and institutional greenhouse market since 1993. Over the years, we have provided unique controlled environments for a variety of challenging horticultural applications, both overseas and domestic.

Because of this experience, our greenhouse experts thoroughly understand all phases of project management; from design and permitting greenhouse structures, through installation and operation. Our team of greenhouse professionals can work directly with your architect, contractor or project manager to ensure the successful completion of your project.

We are "The People Who Know Greenhouses"

Contact us if you see a greenhouse style you like or have something particular in mind. We will work with you to develop the perfect design for your estate. Custom greenhouses typically take a little longer than pre-designed kits, but in the end, you get a beautiful luxury greenhouse that will enhance your home and garden. Call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-281-9337 or send an email to get started.


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