Tubing, Valves, & Adapters

Tubing, Valves, & Adapters


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      Keep your plants watered with these convenient watering & irrigation components. Find the right size irrigation tubing for any size watering set-up and guarntee that your plants are thirsty no more.

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      Irrigation System Hardware

      Sprinklers and drip irrigation are the most efficient ways to water plants - if you have the right equipment. Greenhouse Megastore has a big selection of tubing, valves, adapters and other accessories to assemble a watering system. We have products to fit any outdoor garden bed or container plant setup.

      Drip Line and Connectors

      Grow prosperous crops by getting the right amount of water to your soil. The first thing you need is a supply line, and our high-flow polyethylene irrigation tubing is UV-resistant and easy to connect. Buy rolls of white or black tubing up to 1,000 feet long and cut it to size. Use micro drip line to form runoffs for row crops or tiered planters.

      Once you've determined the tubing layout, our drip irrigation fittings let you put it together. Twist lock barb elbows, tees and couplings can be installed in seconds when you have the correct hole punch. We have disc filters and pressure regulators to ensure water is clean and won't overpower the plants. Did you make a hole by mistake? Pop in a goof plug instead of replacing the entire line.

      Keep Plants Hydrated

      From inline shutoff valves to female garden hose adapters, Greenhouse Megastore has the correct hardware to operate any drip irrigation system, sprinkler or mister. Want to automate daily watering? Check out an assortment of hose timers and controllers. We have a Low Price Guarantee and a one-year warranty on the leading brands in plant irrigation. Contact us for assistance selecting the right hardware and getting it running.