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      Farming Greenhouse Buildings

      When you're a professional horticulturist or farmer, you need to grow as many crops as possible. A farming greenhouse will protect seedlings as you get them ready for the garden or let you develop plants year-round.

      Greenhouses for Serious Growers

      Extend your growing season and protect your seedlings from cold and harsh weather by setting up a greenhouse on your farm or property. A well-designed greenhouse lets you grow more healthy produce for selling at farmer's markets, farm stands and local stores, giving you a leg up on outdoor-only gardeners. These structures are also great for sustainable living, educational gardening and scientific research.

      Whether you want a simple hoop house greenhouse for basic shielding from harsh weather or an engineered greenhouse for maximum productivity, Greenhouse Megastore has the right farmer's greenhouse. Shop for DIY hobby greenhouses, high tunnel commercial greenhouses, heated greenhouses, lean-to's, deluxe teaching greenhouse packages and much more. We offer dozens of pre-designed structures and can also customize one for any grower's needs. You can even purchase a hoop house frame and add your own covering.

      Innovative Greenhouse Farmer Solutions

      We partner with leading manufacturers to offer farming greenhouses in many shapes and sizes. Not only that, but Greenhouse Megastore provides support beyond the sale, from ensuring compliance with local zoning ordinances to training new greenhouse owners in their operation. Every greenhouse has a Price Match Guarantee and free freight shipping almost anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Remember to check out the rest of our greenhouse supplies for interior systems, containers and other essentials to stock up for year-round growing.