Plant Pots

Plant Pots

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      Indoor and Outdoor Plant Containers

      Plants will always have a space to grow in these versatile gardening pots. Even when you have dozens of plants clustered together, these pots keep their roots contained so they prosper above and below the soil.

      Versatile Gardening Pots

      These garden planters have many uses, including seed starting, indoor growing, transporting plants and cultivating tender plants. Order them for private patio gardens, commercial nurseries, greenhouses and anywhere else you want to raise beautiful plants. Some planter pots are strictly functional while others add to the beauty of a floral display.

      You'll find a huge variety of organic and plastic pots for plants in our online store. They come in many sizes and shapes to accommodate the flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees and other plants you grow for commercial use or sheer pleasure. Select a plant pot to see the exact dimensions so you know what will currently fit or grow into each container.

      Plant Pots for Every Gardener

      For temporary and long-term planting pots, Greenhouse Megastore is your go-to source. We stock hundreds of classic round and square plastic pots along with gardening pots, nursery containers, net pots, bulb pans and other planters. You can even order multi-color flower pots so your plants aren't the only things worth laying eyes on.

      Our plastic plant pots come in two types: injection molded and thermoformed. The former is a durable pot you can use year after year while the latter is perfect for cost-conscious pot-ups or selling plants at retail. Both can be formed however you need them, including plant bands, sheet pots and deep pots. There are plants designed for specific types of flora such as succulents, mums and azaleas. We also have clear saucers for collecting water and soil overflow from your pots to improve moisture levels.

      Biodegradable Planting Pots

      If you regularly transfer plants from a pot to a garden bed or greenhouse grow table, save yourself time and money with biodegradable planters. These organic nursery pots are made of fiber that will naturally decompose - and add nutrients to the soil while they do. Shop coir pots, cow pots, flats, jiffy strips and other plant-able pots. We have decorative biodegradable pots as well to show off plants at nurseries while letting customers put them directly in the ground when they get home. We will match any online competitor's prices and also have free shipping on orders over $99 almost anywhere in the U.S.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Since 1993, we've been providing casual, serious and professional gardeners with the right gardening pots and other greenhouse supplies. Our great selection is topped only by our commitment to great service and support. Call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-281-9337 to speak with an expert who has the knowledge to answer all your questions. We also have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that includes a one-year unconditional warranty on all purchases.