Labels & Supports

Labels & Supports

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      Show your green thumb with peat pots in bulk from Greenhouse Megastore at the guaranteed lowest price. All-natural Jiffypots® are made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp that are 100% biodegradable. Order peat planting pots in a variety of sizes, and buy them in small quantities or buy peat pots in bulk for large gardening and outdoor renovation projects.

      These peat pots typically last 18-24 months, giving you multiple seasons of seed-starting and transplanting. You can also plant them directly into the ground where they will naturally decompose while supplying essential nutrients. Enjoy planting without the hassle of cleaning up pots as the peat planting pods naturally decay.

      A Jiffy Pot is an easy way to grow great plants and reduce the number of plastic containers ending up in your local landfill. We have seven sizes of plantable pots with square and round shapes for seed starting trays, patio displays and much more.

      Planting Tags and Labels

      Whether gardening at home or a local nursery, our plant labels and all-weather garden markers let you properly ID everything you grow. Use plastic labels, garden plant markers, waterproof pens and wrap-around tags to inform customers or yourself.

      Besides identifying plants, you can write gardening instructions or reminders on labels. They're a great way to make notes for yourself or others you work with on how to best care for your plants. If you need something larger, our metal garden stakes with labels and tee plant signs come in several sizes to call attention to any crop.

      Stakes and Holders to Bolster Plants

      Greenhouse Megastore also has many plant support systems for climbing plants and tall flowers. Help your plants reach their full height and potential with bamboo stakes, fruit cages and garden twine.

      We also have plant support cages and stakes plus trellis nets, decorative plant hangers, bean rings and many other products. Don't forget the twist-tie wire that's often needed to initially secure a plant to the right support. Sometimes, a simple plant stand or caddy is all you need to add elegance and portability.

      Need to protect your plants and garden? If lifting them off the ground with a plant stand isn't enough, you can also order garden fence supplies from Greenhouse Megastore.

      Recognize Your Plants' Worth

      Greenhouse Megastore has everything you need to identify and stabilize plants or help customers identify them - all with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 if you have questions. Our knowledgeable associates provide the support you need so you can best support your plants.