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      Plant Shade Cloth

      You can't control how hot it is outside - but you can control how much heat gets inside a greenhouse. Shade cloths let you control temperatures and sun exposure so plants have the best conditions to grow. With many shade cloth densities and colors, Greenhouse Megastore has the right fabric to turn any structure into a gardening oasis.

      Stay Cool with Sun Shade Fabric

      Greenhouse shade cloth is made for growers of all experience levels. It's easy to use, affordable and proven to be effective. Furthermore, you can use sun shade material for patios, pergolas, garages, car windshields and other situations where you need to keep things cool.

      Browse shade cloths in densities ranging from 20% to 90%. This refers to what percentage of sunlight the fabric allows through; click on a fabric to see what plants respond well to it. Darker colors absorb more UV rays while lighter colors are better for deflecting heat.

      You can purchase shade cloth in pre-cut finished panels, bulk rolls or custom-cut unfinished panels depending on your project and budget. Do you need shade cloth for gardens or to protect camping areas? Use overhead sun shades in square and triangular shapes. Don't forget the installation hardware - we carry clips, hooks, fasteners, grommets, lacing cords and more to set up the cloth however you like.

      Discounted Shade Cloth and Hardware

      Our shade cloth store is where professionals and DIYers shop when they need cool deals on high-quality supplies. Contact Greenhouse Megastore Monday through Friday to speak to a sales associate if you need knowledgeable shade fabric advice.