Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling


      Greenhouse Swamp Cooler Systems

      While some plants and people love hot conditions, others appreciate it when you cool things off. A greenhouse evaporative cooler, or "swamp cooler," is the most effective way to chill down small and midsize indoor spaces - especially if you live in a dry region. By evaporating moisture into the air, this greenhouse cooling system can drop temperatures up to 40 degrees, so your plants are nice and comfy.

      Efficient Greenhouse Cooling Units

      Greenhouse Megastore has an assortment of swamp coolers from QuietCool and other leading manufacturers. They come in many sizes for DIY and commercial greenhouses as well as garages, enclosed patios and workshops. The greenhouse evaporative cooling system design involves passing air over aspen pads or rigid media pads saturated with water. So, not only does it assist with cooling, but a swamp cooler also improves air circulation.

      You have the choice of a thru-wall, portable or wet-wall greenhouse cooler. Though-wall coolers are the most efficient system and provide the freshest air while portable swamp coolers give you versatility to cool different areas. A self-contained greenhouse cooler wall is best for large areas, though additional fans will be needed to circulate the cooled air.

      Knowledgeable Cooling Support

      Contact Greenhouse Megastore if you need help deciding on the right evaporative cooler for your greenhouse or installing it. We've been an industry leader since 1993 because we understand customer's needs and are here to help meet them. Get a Low Price Guarantee on all evaporative coolers along with replacement pads, fans, dehumidifiers and other supplies you may need.