Evaporative Cooling


      Evaporative Cooling Systems for Greenhouses

      Achieve and maintain cooler temperatures in your greenhouse in any climate with a cost-effective evaporative cooling system. Designed with the grower in mind, these evaporative cooling pads and systems use heat in the air to evaporate water from plants and other wetted surfaces that will then cool your structure.

      Fast and Smart Greenhouse Cooling

      An evaporative cooler is the easiest way to lower temperatures when vents and fans doesn't quite do the job. It works like an air conditioner that uses water for a refrigerant. Ambient air passes over the pads and evaporates, with the temperature dropping as it does so. The air is then released back into the structure. This greenhouse cooling system is more energy-efficient than an AC, needs less maintenance and doesn't create any fog or mist. It should be noted they produce a small humidity increase, so you may need to pair your cooler with a dehumidifier if you're growing plants that don't like excess moisture.

      Help Plants Stay Cool

      Greenhouse Megastore carries an assortment of kits and components to cool off areas for better plant growth, whether that be your greenhouse or an enclosed patio. We have permanent wall coolers systems made of stainless steel, PVC and other rustproof materials. If you need climate control in multiple structures, order a portable evaporative system with convenient wheels. Choose ducted, belt drive or direct drive coolers in several sizes. We also offer replacement cooling pads and other accessories. Call us toll-free at 1-888-281-9337 if you need assistance.