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      Make sure plants can breathe easily by using a greenhouse CO2 generator. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential ingredient in green plant growth and is a primary environmental factor in greenhouses. CO2 generators automatically provide the carbon dioxide needed to meet maximum growing potentials.

      Provide CO2 in Any Structure

      While CO2 is bad for humans, green plants relish it. A CO2 generator or CO2 burner supplements what is being pulled into a greenhouse from the outside air, especially in the winter when vents can't be open as much. Adding CO2 to the air also raises the optimal temperature for plant growth - in other words, plants can produce more in hotter conditions when there's more CO2.

      Enjoy higher yields, larger flower sizes, earlier budding and other benefits of a DIY or commercial CO2 generator. A high-output CO2 system can increase the ambient levels as high as 1,500 parts per million (PPM), which research has shown to be optimal for growth. You can manually set the burn cycle or use automatic sensors for CO2 enrichment.

      Raise Greenhouse CO2 Like a Pro

      Generate the CO2 plants need with systems that can fertilize nearly 5,000 square feet of growing space. Greenhouse Megastore also has control timer packages, transformers and other components you'll need with a Price Match Guarantee. Our knowledgeable associates can answer all your questions by phone or email.