PVC Fittings

PVC Fittings


      PVC is a reliable material used in many gardening projects, especially those intended for commercial use. It is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world due to its reliability, durability, affordability and lightweight nature. Whether you need piping for irrigation or support clamps for greenhouse windows, you can rely on our furniture-grade PVC supplies here at Greenhouse Megastore.

      You'll find a multitude of PVC greenhouse fittings, PVC joints, and other greenhouse PVC supplies in the collection below. Use our filter menus to narrow down your search, or learn more about how each of our parts can help your growing project with our detailed gardening descriptions at the bottom of the page.

      We hope you'll rely on Greenhouse Megastore for your greenhouse PVC needs.

      PVC Greenhouse Fittings and Connectors

      PVC pipe fittings are a reliable way to connect pipes when building grow structures or setting up garden irrigation. These fittings and clamps are designed for DIYers who need easy yet reliable connectors. Use them for temporary or permanent projects to help your greenhouse flourish in every way.

      Heavy-Duty PVC Pipe Fittings

      From gardening projects to building tents, patio furniture and emergency containment areas, a PVC connector gives you great bang for your buck.

      Our fittings are made of furniture-grade PVC with a glossy surface to resist damage from water or sunlight. We know that gardening projects should not only help plants grow but be pleasant to look at as well, so we stock PVC supplies with a more polished look with no bar codes or other printing.

      Note that furniture-grade PVC connectors are not certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and thus should not be used for drinking water pipes, plumbing or drainage. However, they are safe for plant applications such as drip irrigation and aquaponics.

      Greenhouse Megastore has all the PVC pipe fittings you could need. Shop for tee connectors, multi-way connectors, elbows, couplers, adjustable joint fittings and other shapes. Use our snap clamps, grip clamps and external mounting caps to stabilize pipe connections. We also have PVC pipe sections to craft an effective water dispersion system, plus pipe stakes for anchoring structures.

      Build Smarter with Greenhouse PVC Fittings

      Connectors are available in many sizes to fit PVC pipes ranging from a half-inch to two inches in diameter. If you need help determining which size or fit you need, call us Monday-Friday to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate. They'll help you get the right part at the best price, especially when you take advantage of our Price Match Policy.

      For garden, nursery, greenhouse and other outdoor growing supplies, get the supplies you need when you shop at Greenhouse Megastore.