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Greenhouse Megastore is always working with our suppliers and vendors to offer the best pricing possible, and if we have any deals that are out of the ordinary, we want you to know about them!

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At Greenhouse Megastore, our goal is to go beyond just quality product at a great price. We do everything we can to make the shopping experience a great one and to offer the reassurance that we're here to help, whether you might just be looking for information, placing an order, or hoping to resolve an issue with a shipment or challenge in the garden! Some of the ways we ensure that experience is through our shipping, price match, and return policies, all designed to put you at ease so you can focus on your garden, not the hassle!

Discount Exclusions

Unfortunately, some manufacturers and products don't allow for discounts. Presently, all promotional discounts exclude gift cards and structures such as Greenhouse Kits. Additional exclusions may apply, please see details when applicable.

Promotions may not be combined unless otherwise noted.