Composting Bins and Containers

      A composter helps you recycle food scraps, yard trimmings, wood chips and other organic materials into a nutrient-heavy mulch known as humus. By putting these items into a container, you can control the decomposition process for a better end product. Find the best compost bin for your needs in our versatile collection.

      Indoor and Outdoor Composting

      Use composters from Greenhouse Megastore to keep your garden natural while giving plants the nutrients, moisture and disease prevention they need. We have small composters for kitchen usage, large compost bins approaching 300 gallons for commercial farms and many options in between. Shop for stationary compost bins, batch compost tumblers, food waste digesters, insulated containers and other containers. Use our worm composters for vermicomposting, which forms an even richer mixture to supplement trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens and other plants. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every purchase.

      Durable Composting Supplies

      Composting techniques reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals and store-bought fertilizers, letting you enjoy the unmatched quality of an organic garden. Whether you want a simple countertop composter or the expandable Worm Factory 360 for fast multi-level composting, our knowledgeable sales team can help you find a solution. They're made of corrosion-resistant materials for outdoor use and designed to reduce odors. Many composting bins can be assembled without using tools.

      Every high-quality compost container has a Low Price Guarantee. If you're purchasing a composter for a hobby garden, you also get a one-year limited warranty. We've been a garden and greenhouse leader since 1993 because we provided the products and knowledge you need.