Hand Watering & Hoses

Hand Watering & Hoses

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      Greenhouse Hand Watering Supplies

      Shop our selection of easy-to-use hand watering tools that will help cut down the hours spent in the garden. Today's hoses, wands and nozzles offer user-friendly options that are designed for gardeners of every age.

      Why to Hand Water Plants

      Even in an age of automatic irrigation and sprinklers, hand watering with a garden hose or can is still useful. This method is ideal if you just want to water a few plants or certain areas. Many plants have different water requirements, and doing so by hand lets you fulfill those needs rather than doing a uniform spray. Hand watering supplies also let you adjust watering based on environmental conditions and produces less soil run-off.

      Watering Hose Systems and More

      Give plants the perfect amount of water with assistance from Greenhouse Megastore. Our garden hose heads include adjustable nozzles that can apply everything from a hard center spray to a fine mist. These garden hose attachments can also be used around the home for washing cars, spraying off patio stairs and bathing pets. A greenhouse watering wand turns your hose into a gentle shower head spray for delicate flower beds and container plants.

      We also have an assortment of classic watering cans plus water breakers, rain barrels, siphon mixers, capillary mats and other components. Remember to pick up a heavy-duty watering hose as well that withstands the pressures of water and weather. Everything we sell has a Price Match Guarantee!