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Trays & Flats


      Can't seem to get seeds to germinate in your garden? Looking to start a small garden indoors? Either way, trays, flats and plots are a great way to kickstart your garden. Start growing your plants indoors in a controlled environment protected from extreme temperature changes and inclement weather. As your plants grow, you can transplant them into your garden outside or move them into larger pots to enjoy their flourishing beauty in your home.

      Where should you purchase seed starting trays, bio-degradable pots and other garden starting supplies? From Greenhouse Megastore! Use our filter menus to find exactly what you need and enjoy wholesale prices on our garden supplies. To learn more about which tray is right for you, please review our expanded tray descriptions at the bottom of the page.

      We look forward to helping you kickstart your next garden with seed-starting kits and trays from Greenhouse Megastore.

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      Garden Planting Trays and Seed Starter Trays

      Serve up the right seedlings and plants for the coming garden season using our plant tray collection. Trays are a simple way to start seeds before the ground is ready, and they allow you to transport seedlings to their final location or display young plants at a retail nursery. Regardless of the plants you love, Greenhouse Megastore has the right planting tray supplies to help your garden bloom.

      Why Should You Use Seed Starting Trays

      When plants are healthy from the start, they're more likely to grow vigorously and look their most beautiful when fully grown. Plant trays and flats provide a safe place for young plants while they sprout, making them a must for casual and expert gardeners.

      Some people also use planting trays for permanent indoor growing to produce a beautiful, lush environment. Unlike large, potentially messy outdoor pots, these trays are made to be used inside with leak-proof designs. They're also very affordable, saving you money compared to regular outdoor pots.

      Propagation Trays, Seed Trays and More

      Shop dozens of bulk plant trays that are made for the way you garden.

      Our 1020 trays are available in three different thicknesses to meet all budgets and demands. These standard-size garden trays are perfect for inserts that help you get a jump on spring as a seed-starting tray, or fill them up with soil and seeds for a handy fodder tray. The heavy-duty open design allows for easy community watering, and they're available with or without drainage holes. You can get colored 1020 trays for an extra pop or some daisy trays for your bedding plants.

      Make sure to check out our lineup of inserts, propagation trays, black form trays, plug flats, carrying trays and humidity domes. They're made of durable materials such as thermoformed plastic and terracotta to prevent leakage.

      Not a fan of plastic? We have biodegradable tray pots, mesh drainage trays, plant irrigation waterbeds and much more in various shapes and sizes. Grow your plants while respecting the environment with trays that make the most of every resource used to grow your garden.

      You can get a giant garden tray to use as an irrigation table for potted plants or a seed-starter kit that simplifies those crucial early growth stages. There are kits for organic seed starting, kitchen herbs, high-humidity seedlings and much more.

      The Best Plant and Seedling Tray Collection

      Greenhouse Megastore supplies hobby gardeners and commercial planters with the planting trays, expertise and fast shipping they need to grow amazing flora. Whether you need a seed starting tray for your greenhouse grow table, a propagation tray to place on the windowsill or a flat to showcase plants during a farmers market, we have the right trays in stock.

      You also get the best deal on planting trays and seed starters. Greenhouse Megastore will match any online competitor's advertised price and give volume discounts on many items as part of our Price Match Policy. Contact our team today to discuss your planting goals and how our selection of Greenhouse Megastore trays can help you meet those goals.