Cold & Frost Protection

Cold & Frost Protection


      Winter brings a drop in temperatures, including a risk of frost and snow that can kill the plants you've worked so hard to grow. Protect your flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants with cold and frost protection supplies from Greenhouse Megastore.

      Cold and frost protection supplies include blankets, wraps, tunnels and similar covers that will help your plants retain the heat they need to survive the winter. They're easy to install, so you can cover your plants overnight or for multiple days or even weeks at a time if you're expecting a big storm.

      Plant covers work best when they are tightly wrapped. Use our filter menus to narrow your search, or learn more about each of our covers with expanded product descriptions below. Protect your garden from your next cold front with frost covers for plants from Greenhouse Megastore today.

      Frost Cloth and Blanket Supplies

      It's not always possible to bring your plants in from the cold, but you can bring some warmth to them. Frost cloths protect your plants and garden from winter cold and overnight freezes. Our supply of row covers, garden fleeces and other plant protection fabrics will safely bring your plants through the coldest months.

      Best Plant Covers for Winter

      Greenhouse Megastore has a large collection of frost covers to wrap plants of all sizes. Using them offers protection against excess sun, rain and other weather elements.

      Shop all-purpose winter plant covers, fruit-free covers, deluxe row covers and many other solutions for individual plants or full-size gardens. If your flora and vegetables require a little more warmth, we have an assortment of fleece hoods and insulating frost blanket designs. There are also specialty frost plant covers such as tunnels, tomato tubes and much more.

      Affordable Frost Protection

      Each frost cover for plants is designed to keep the cold away while still letting moisture and air in so your garden flourishes. Choose from fabric and polypropylene materials that are UV-stabilized for extended use.

      We partner with the leading garden supply brands to offer the latest plant winter covers at the guaranteed lowest price plus free shipping on qualifying orders. Most blankets and hoods are available in several sizes with bulk discount pricing for commercial growers or serious hobbyists.

      Call us toll-free Monday to Friday with any questions. For all of your plant frost covers, gardening, irrigation and greenhouse needs, we hope you'll shop with us here at Greenhouse Megastore.