Insecticide & Insect Traps

Insecticide & Insect Traps


      Greenhouse Insecticides and Traps

      Indoor plants can still attract insects and bugs. With non-toxic garden insecticides from Greenhouse Megastore, you can reduce the presence of flies, wasps, gnats and other pests. Use them in greenhouses and for house plants to avoid bringing in too much of the outside.

      Bug Prevention for Indoor Gardening

      Shop for a variety of insecticides and bug traps that are easy and effective. We're an authorizer retailer of Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil, a biodegradable substance that has been a gardening staple for millennia. Neem oil uses include keeping common bugs away, adding fungal resistance and making leaves look shiny - all without affecting the plant's natural photosynthesis.

      PyGanic Gardening Organic Insecticide is another all-purpose bug prevention method that can safely be added to most plants. Sticky insect traps have become a common option, in part because they let you see if what you're doing is effective. Add sticky tape and cards to your windows or grow tables to ensnare vermin. We also offer insect-specific plant bug solutions, including fruit fly traps, BioCare gnat sticks and yellow jacket wasp lures.

      Affordable Greenhouse Insect Control

      By being proactive about bugs, you can make your plants more successful at every growth stage. Pest control adds a measure of comfort to living spaces as well, making dens, kitchens, offices and patios more inviting. The knowledgeable support team at Greenhouse Megastore will help you determine which insecticides and traps are appropriate for your situation - call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-281-9337.