Meet the Team


Since 1993

At Greenhouse Megastore, we’re more than just a salesperson on the phone or shipment packer in a warehouse. For whatever you find yourself growing for – your community, your school, your business, or just the table in your dining room – we’re a partner here to ensure you have what you need for your growing to be as successful as possible.

Founded as a family-owned company over 30 years ago, we’ve worked to keep the same mindset in how we approach each day as our team of growers and garden diehards aspire to keep you equipped to handle whatever the garden or farm throws at you. That goal stretches across the entire green and horticulture industry with the desire to see new growers and the knowledge of growing thrive and be a resource with years of knowledge and experience from the first time you decide to plant a few seeds. We hope to be working with you all the way through your own years in the garden and greenhouse as you continue to grow (pun absolutely intended).

From information on our newest arrivals to your everyday staples, from fruits and veggies to flowers, or from a single raised bed to a full-scale commercial greenhouse, the team below are just some of the folks who form the bedrock of what makes Greenhouse Megastore so much more than our assortment of products. Learn more about what makes us… well, *us*, and let us know how we can help!

Greenhouse Supply Sales Team