Raised Beds

Raised Beds


      Elevated Garden Beds

      A raised garden bed is a productive and visually appealing way to grow vegetables and flowers. Purchase easy-to-assemble raised plant beds from Greenhouse Megastore for your next gardening project. They'll improve the greenhouse experience and add to any landscape.

      Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

      There are many reasons to use outdoor or greenhouse raised beds for planting. Raised beds get warm faster, have better drainage and give plant roots more airflow than in-ground gardens or grow trays. You can more easily amend the soil, and since it isn't compacted, weeds don't grow as much. The taller height makes a garden easier to access, particularly for people with mobility issues. Last but not least, raised beds add a dynamic element to a landscape and more clearly define landscape boundaries.

      Lift Your Gardening Efforts

      Shop at Greenhouse Megastore for a raised garden bed that perfectly frames your crops. Our selection of round and rectangular greenhouse raised beds are made of wood, polyethylene, corrugated metal and other durable materials. Multi-tier garden beds allow several plants at different levels to draw attention to your blooms. A raised bed greenhouse is a complete mini growing structure that lets you start seeds early for a beautiful garden all summer long. We also have stand-up planters with shelves for growing or transplanting.

      Arrange flowers, herbs and veggies any way you like with freestanding and hanging garden beds. These structures and the plants inside them will quickly become the feature attraction of your horticulture display. We'll help you find a high-quality raised bed with a Price Match Guarantee.