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Greenhouse Kits

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      Backyard Greenhouse Structures

      You don't need to be a master handyman or designer to have a quality greenhouse for personal use. These lawn greenhouse kits are for people who want to grow their favorite plants year-round but don't necessarily want to grow them on a huge scale. Get a small greenhouse or midsize greenhouse that can be assembled fast so you can start planting.

      DIY Greenhouses for Passionate Growers

      We have curated structures from leading names such as Rhino Greenhouses, ShelterLogic, Gabriel Ash, Riga and Sungrow. You can get tempered glass backyard greenhouses that offer the best optical clarity, polycarbonate greenhouses that are incredibly durable and polyethylene film greenhouses that are excellent for low-budget and temporary setups. Choose from rustic wood or corrosion-resistant aluminum metal frames with free-standing and lean-to construction.

      These greenhouses are designed in many styles to fit your landscape décor. Features such as sloped roofs, wide doors, vents, benches and storage areas give you unmatched versatility. Some greenhouse kits can be turned into sheds or outdoor gathering spaces.

      Small Greenhouses with a Big Impact

      Many of the personal hothouses listed are in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer. If you want to customize a greenhouse for backyard growing, that's okay, too - let us know and we'll make it happen.

      Every hobby greenhouse kit we sell has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason after 60 days, return the structure for a full refund. Growers are also covered by some of the industry's best manufacturer warranties, so if anything unexpected happens, you know someone has your back.