Sprinklers and Misting

Sprinklers and Misting

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      Sprinkler and Mist Watering Systems

      Misters and sprinklers fill your greenhouse or garden with the moisture it needs for healthy plants. Choose from our selection of misting and sprinkler systems or create your own custom irrigation system using our easy-to-assemble components. Use them to cool your greenhouse or garden and provide easy watering and comfort to your growing plants!

      Sprinklers vs. Misters for Gardening

      The correct greenhouse watering system will give you the best results. A greenhouse misting system constantly releases droplets of water, making it ideal for seedlings and other plants that need regular watering. Overhead sprinklers produce a higher volume of water for a shorter time, letting you irrigate larger plants without having to dig channels. Some growers prefer foggers, which use even finer droplets than misters for when you don't want the air to be as humid. All three greenhouse irrigation options save time and create the needed growing environment, especially for tropical plants.

      Easy Greenhouse Cooling and Watering

      Whether you need a greenhouse mister, sprinkler or fogger, we have the right system from a top manufacturer. Browse a variety of complete DIY greenhouse watering systems plus nozzles, check valves, controllers, connectors and other accessories. These irrigation misters can also be installed on patios or in the backyard to help humans and pets stay cool during the summer.

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