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      Hydroponics Supplies and Accessories

      Beginners and experienced growers alike can grow bountiful plants fast with products from our hydroponics store. You don't need a huge greenhouse or even soil to use this unique cultivation method. Turn any indoor space into a hydroponic garden at Greenhouse Megastore.

      Create the Perfect Hydroponic System

      With hydroponics, you can grow up to 10 times as many vegetables, herbs and flowers in the same space as a traditional soil garden, making it a great solution for urban and short-season growers. It also lets you control pH levels, nutrient intake and more while reducing waste.

      There are many hydroponic garden methods, and we have products to make each of them as effective as possible. If you're just getting started, you can purchase complete nutrient film technique systems, Dutch bucket hydroponic kits, aquaponic systems and more. Plenty of supplies are available to refresh a current system or customize your layout. Order growing media cubes, liquid fertilizer, water reservoirs, lighting racks, clip fans and everything else required. Even if all you have for available space is a table or desk, we can turn it into a hydroponics growing system.

      Your Leading Hydroponics Equipment Supplier

      The team at Greenhouse Megastore is ready to deliver the future of gardening. We stock the leading hydroponic brands such as Fox Farm, Hort2O, CropKing, Active Aqua and Grodan with a Low Price Guarantee. Whether you've been growing with hydroponics for years or you're wondering, "What is hydroponics?", our sales associates can help you find what you need. Just call us Monday through Friday at (888) 281-9337.