Seeders & Chambers

Seeders & Chambers


      Garden and Greenhouse Seeder Tools

      Growing large, healthy plants starts with planting the seeds correctly. Our seeder supplies make it easy to sow the right amount of seeds at the right distance and depth. From indoor herbs to lawns, Greenhouse Megastore has the tools you need for properly distributing seeds in the soil.

      Seed Machinery and Accessories

      A greenhouse seeder saves time while ensuring your seeds have better conditions to take root. Our wand seeders let a gardener dispense one seed at a time in an easy-to-handle design. Get a regular seeder to handle most common seeds or a Mini Hand Wand Seeder for smaller seeds such as impatiens, lettuce and cold crops. With a vacuum seeder, you can plant an evenly-spaced row in seconds.

      For large-scale production, we offer the Speedy Seeder and accompanying guide table. This automatic seeder for greenhouse planting fills any 1020 tray in one shot and can do successive trays. By pairing a seeding machine with a Phytotronics propagation chamber, you give seedlings the best odds of germination.

      If you need a fast-working outdoor solution, order the EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder. It comes with seed plates that let you plant nearly 40-row crop types - just fill the hopper and push! Greenhouse Megastore also has the seeder accessories you need, including replacement wand tip, magnifiers, seeder plates and power adapters.

      Fast and Efficient Planting

      Do professional seed starting with innovative supplies from the leading manufacturers. We provide a Low Price Guarantee and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction on every sale. Call or email us Monday-Friday for expert support.