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Without the right greenhouse cooling or climate conditioning your greenhouse can quickly become too hot for your plants. Beat the heat with a properly designed greenhouse cooling system. Whether it be through greenhouse fans, greenhouse ventilation shutters, an evaporative cooling system, or a complete greenhouse misting system, make sure your greenhouse is the correct temperature and humidity for your plants. Greenhouse ventilation and greenhouse cooling systems can be difficult to properly configure on your own, so feel free to call an experienced member of our Sales Team if you need help or advice sizing your greenhouse cooling system.

Our selection of exhaust, circulation and greenhouse fans can also be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in warehouses, garages, store rooms, even computer server rooms; anywhere that needs air movement and cooling. Browse our greenhouse cooling and ventilation products below.

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Poly-Vent End Package
Item No. NV-PVE
From:  $256.00 View details
From:  $69.00 View details
AquaFog HRSM Humidifier
From:  $2,099.00 View details
AquaFog Two-Stage Control
Item No. HU-XE-2SC
From:  $641.00 View details
AquaFog Molded Floor Stand
Item No. HU-XE-110
From:  $223.00 View details
From:  $308.00 View details
From:  $399.00 View details
Mounting Support for SS700
Item No. HU-SS700-W
From:  $74.00 View details
Aquafog SS700
Item No. HU-SS700
From:  $655.00 View details
In-line Fan
Item No. HP-FAN
From:  $92.00 View details
Perma Duct
Item No. HP-DUCT
From:  $23.00 View details
Palram Automatic Vent Opener