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Tall, narrow design is great for budding, grafting, and starting larger seedlings. Treepots are engineered to create deep, healthy root systems. Vertical training ribs keep roots from spiraling and allows for necessary drainage. A tray is recommended to support and allow tree pots to stay vertical
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Tall, narrow design is great for budding, grafting, and starting larger seedlings. Treepots are engineered to create deep, healthy root systems. Vertical training ribs keep roots from spiraling and allows for necessary drainage. A tray is recommended to support and allow tree pots to stay vertical and avoid tipping. Trays sold separately.

Size Specifications

Treepot NameDiameter (in.)Height (in.)Tray SizeNo. of Treepots Tray Holds
383815 3/4" square x 7 1/2" tall25
4949 1/215 3/4" square x 7 1/2" tall16
41441413" square x 10" tall9
61661613" square x 10" tall4
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Reviews (67)
  • An ackward pot.
    I purchased the 16” pots to plant 1 year old Camellia seedlings. They work fine. As stated in the description the pots won’t stand up by themselves, ackward. And buying the trays seems ridiculous, so I made a frame out of 3/4” PVC pipe - 12” high x 7’6” long, basically 7 sections 44” x 12”. Each section holds 14 pots for a total of 98 pots. It’s been working nicely. 5 of these pots holds 1 cubic foot of soil. On the side of the pot it says Corvallis, Oregon inferring place of manufacture. Nope, China.
  • Owner
  • Great for paw paws tap root
    These are great for starting paw paws from seed. Fair price. Many places don't stock these. I think this company is one of the best on the net.
  • More
    1 st time i got more than I thought i was getting, cheaper, larger, best price 😁
  • Deep Propagation Pot
    Great product, I wanted deeper pot for my fuchsia propagation, second transfer, to get the roots deeper than any basic 4" pot, the tray is too big for my needs and the individual tree pots do not stand on their own so I made a frame to support them Max98327
  • Treepots
    Great product, timely shipping, good follow up. Would buy again.
  • Good Quality
    The quality on these Tree Pots is very good. They are exactly as described. They were out of the bottom trays when I purchased them but I will be back to purchase those too when they come back in stock. I always have a good experience shopping with Greenhouse Mega.
  • Perfect for pawpaw
    Exactly what was needed for my seedlings. Pots are sturdy and will last many growing seasons.
  • Perfect for pawpaw
    Tree pots arrived quickly. They are very durable and should last quite a long time.
  • Better tree pots
    I am using these for trees in years 2-3. Takes up less space than 5 gallon pots.
  • Great for Pecan Seedlings
    These are perfect for Pecan and Seedlings. I transplanted into these tree pots and the pecans are growing wonderfully.
  • Great for SweetPeas
    After every place was sold out of deep root trainers for annuals, I stumbled across your site. They were perfect for the SweetPeas. They released very easily and intact. The price was even better. I just wish they came with the matching tray, not separate.
  • Not what I was looking for.
    Pots were shipped quickly, but have one huge hole in the bottom, and are not slotted as described. Useless to me, but I'll have to try to make it work, because I can't afford to buy the right ones after wasting money on these.
  • Great product
    Worked great for potting new seedlings.
  • case of 3 x 3 x 8 tree pots
    as always, GHMS provides fast, accurate service. I got my case of tree pots quickly...and the are a very nice product.
  • Plastic Treepots
    What's there to say? They're plastic treepots for starting trees and cuttings. A bit on the thin side, but they'll do.
  • Great Treepots
    Quality product at a great price!
  • Fantastic for taproot type trees
    Planted black walnuts, hickory, pecan and burr oak nuts/acorns in them. After 14 months the seedlings were all 14 to 18 inches tall. I'll transplant them in March, 2021 and reuse the tree pots again.
  • The pots are great! The tray has holes
    The pots are great! They are deep and allow the roots to grow downward. The bottom of each pot has three large holes so they can drain well. I would up putting some pine needles in the bottom of each pot so that the dirt won't come out the bottom. The tray for the pots holds them very well. The bottom of the tray is perforated and water will come out the bottom. They don't have a standard sized tray that will hold water underneath.
  • tree pots
    Good product, good price, fast delivery
  • Great Product
    Just what I was looking for, a pot to plant nuts into. Wonderful and quick service.
  • Satisfied
    Great products sturdy trays, the pots are a great size for my seedlings
  • seedling pots
    half-gallon milk cartons were recommended by the seed nut donator for growing out the seedlings. Having none I found the 4 x14 pots at MegaGreenhouse. The pots are working out great. I constructed a frame out of half inch plywood to set the pots in. I had 12 nuts, 10 have pushed up a sprout as I write this. I plan on setting the pots out in about 3 weeks after danger of frost. Pots seem sturdy, I should be able to use them several times.
  • Does The Job
    The pots are a bit thinner than expected, but they work fine. The trays are very substantial, and should last for years.
  • exactly what I expected
    These pots are perfect for my tree seedlings- encouraging deep root growth. Quality seems good, as new. So far so good
  • Treepots exactly as described
    The pots fit 16 in the box. They are heavy-duty and easy to fill.
  • Nice pots
    Kinda flimsy but do the job nicely
  • Satified
    Items showed up quickly and safe. Pots were exactly as advertised. Filled the bill! Happy I bought here! Thank you.
  • Great For Moving Around Tree Pots
    Great tray for moving around my 4x9 tree pots...and it is a very manageable size for moving pots and staging multiple pots.
  • Great Tree Seedling Pots
    I use these posts for the rare Araucaria species of trees...the pots provide just the right amount of area/volume for the tree seedlings roots to grow. I hope these posts will still be available in the future because I will be buying more as needed.
  • 4x4x16 Treepots
    These are perfect for planting Blue and Live Oak acorns which generate seedlings with very long tap roots.
  • Great pots
    These are great pots for starting fig tree cuttings. Its deep enought that if you over water by accident the cutting will stay out of it. And you wont uppot for awhile. Only downside is the uneven bottom kinda feel like your forced to buy the trays. Some frugal thinking and you can make your own holders. All in all they are great.
  • Perfect Square Pot
    These are perfect for my application!
  • Very Useful
    Tree pots are durable and efficient way to nurture seedlings until season, weather and time permit permanent location.
  • Poor Old Country Likes there
    Planted a large quanity tree seedlings with long tap roots but only a few hair roods in 4' x 14 TreePots so I could keep a close watch until a better root ball develops.
  • tree Grafting
    Perfect size ,both 4x4 and 14 deep, 9 fit in plastic milk crate perfectly
  • tree pot crates
    lightweight, yet well constructed. makes easy work of 9 treepots,
  • Cheapest place to buy
    Excellent and fast shipping. Using them to start some cedar trees
  • 4x14 tree pots
    Absolutely the best pots I have ever found for tree seedlings, durable construction. The carriers are essential, makes for easy moving.
  • Extra Tall Pots for Seedlings and Cuttings
    I purchased these for cuttings and was very pleased with the quality of them. They're extra tall for cuttings or for potting up seedling trees and shrubs. They're also thick enough that I should be able to use for a few years.
    Ordered these for oak tree sprouts. Working great. Since I ordered the full case I used a 5 ft kiddy pool as the tray to hold them all and assist in watering. Trees are growing great.
  • Excellent containers
    This Tree Pot is such a good size and value that we are now converting the entire planting stock to this unique size...Great Root Development!
  • new pots
    your pots are awesome in diameter and length. using for my Bonsai plants for longer roots
  • container garden
    I am using the pots to grow vegies out of.I transplant seedlings from 18oz.solo cups it gives more room for root growth then standard 4x4 pots. Liked them so I much I bough a full case
  • 4x12 tree pots
    Good quality pots for long tap rooted trees like pawpaws.
  • 4x9 Treepots
    These tree pots are sturdy and deep enough for long rooted trees like pawpaws. They will require support since they won't stand upright long. I use a large plastic storage container with holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • tree pots rock
    I start a lot of trees from seed and they do great in these pots, especially those with long tap roots. Easily transferred to the ground in 2 years with abundant roots. The trays are an essential accessory.
  • GreenhouseCA
    Yes, this tray does hold 4 deep root pots, but it does not hold them straight up and down which leads to uneven leaching of water through the root zone.
  • GreenhouseCA
    Great quality and size, but do not stand up straight on their own without outside support. The trays help, but do not level out the pots within causing uneven watering.
  • farmer
    Perfect pots for starting seedlings with a tap root. But the pots must be in a frame to keep them from falling over due to the small base of the pot.
  • Great pots
    These pots are great. We are growning insence cedar, coast redwood and giant sequoa from seedlings. nice and deep.
  • required to hold pots up and square
    nice inexpensive and let water out
  • plastic tree pots
    Good quality plastic should last for multiple uses. Perfect size for starting trees from cuttings and getting good deep root growth before transplanting.
  • Good products
    very good for growing small trees.
  • great solution
    These pots are great! Finally a way to grow nuts trees for resale or until you decide where to put them. Obviously with the small width and tall profile you'll need to pack mulch around them, or build a simple support out of pvc pipe. Well worth it to have 6ft walnut trees whereas everyone else has seedlings.
  • These pots work great
    I'm using these pots for chestnuts and walnuts and they seem to be the correct size and shape to allow growth until the trees are ready for orchard planting. They fit well in the tray.
  • Not great Pots
    I was looking for deeper pots to start my tomato plants in. It takes until mid May to plant here in Rhode Island. So I start very early indoors and then use a small greenhouse. I like the 9 depth, but These pots are unable to stand up by themselves due to the plastic mold shape on bottoms. tapered bottoms make them smaller. Very large drain holes let soil out. Had to block them with cloth. Too late to find new ones.
  • tree pots
    so far so good - sturdy enough, holes in the bottom are quite large, had to put screen across to keep everything from falling out. I wish there was a drip tray that contained the water however. These are probably meant for a greenhouse or outdoors where the leaking water would be less of a concern. I cant' find anything that fits just right beneath them to contain the water. Other than that, they are good for what they are intended for.
  • Won't stand on their own, provided base leaks
    I would have loved to have tried some of these, but not only will they not stand on their own, as noted by another reviewer - you can't even find anything on this site to put under the base that comes with them to keep them from leaking all over the place every time you water. In a greenhouse that may be fine - though I think its pretty clear that not standing on their own is a problem for greenhouse growers as well - but leaking makes them totally unsuitable for use on my plant shelves. I have murraya koenigii trees that I had planned to try in some of these pots vs some shallower pots to see if the deeper rooting would help them - but the holder leaks and there is no tray on this site anywhere close to the correct size to fit my shelves and not waste a crapton of space. My shelves are sized to fit 4 1020 flats per shelf. There are no trays on this site that these containers will fit into that would allow me to put more than 2 1020 flats in addition to one of these containers and maybe a handful of loose pots. That's a lot of wasted space.I don't understand why the manufacturer chose to ignore the dimensions of standard size flats, but it was a bad choice for both commercial and home growers alike.Like I said - big, big disappointment. If I buy these at all, it'll be the only time I ever buy them and I'll only buy the one set, because they are not configured to fit into a standard flat. Heck, even a double-size standard flat would work - I could fit pots and paks around the Treepot base.But to get these into a standard flat, I'd have to rig something to hold them up, which does not exactly enthuse me.Putting off this order while I hunt around for something else, somewhere else. Its a good idea; I'd like to try it. But they need to fit in a standard flat. Maybe somebody else was smart enough to make something similar that DOES.
  • Won't stand on its own.
    I really like the dimensions of this pot, and had hoped to use several thousand of them at my production facility. Although once I actually received them I found out that with the way the molding is done the pot won't stand up by itself.
  • tree pots
    Just what my moringas needed. Thanks
  • Tree sprouting Containers.
    These are super nice, strong, and priced right.
  • Treepots Tray.
    Great product, nicely priced.
  • grow better clematis
    deeper is better for growing out small clematis to get them to garden ready size.
    After putting seedlings in them, growth is great, better than putting in 3 gallons or larger or smaller. Love them , wish I had found them sooner
  • 16
    Will work well for the intended use. Very heavy and a bit tippy when full.
  • deep pots = lots o roots
    Start my tomatoes in March, Transplant in April = huge root ball in May. Hopefully they will last...