Palma Greenhouse Heater 110v
Palma Greenhouse Heater 110v

Palma Greenhouse Heater 110v


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Keep plants toasty for winter growing with a convenient indoor/outdoor space heater. The BioGreen Palma Heater is an energy-efficient, adjustable portable heater that can produce 5,120 BTUs, which is enough to heat 150-200 square feet depending on ceiling height. It has a IPX4-rated housing for damp areas and an updated Thermo 2 thermostat that allows you to use the heater for ventilation during the summer, circulating air at an impressive 163 cubic meters (5,756 cubic feet) per hour. The 6.2-foot power cord and five-foot temperature sensor cable help you get the placement exactly right.

Palma greenhouse heaters are the best space heaters for small and midsize DIY greenhouses, and many customers use them for garages, workhouses, enclosed patios, cellars and even studio apartments to generate some extra heat. They're available with a standard manual thermostat or a digital summer/winter thermostat. Greenhouse Megastore guarantees the lowest price on this 110-volt heater with thermostat and ships it free in the lower 48 states.

BioGreen Palma Greenhouse Heater Features:

  • Floor-standing heater
  • Splash-proof housing (IPX4 rated)
  • 1500W/5,120 BTUs heating output
  • 163 m³/hour air circulation
  • Very inexpensive to operate
  • Cable length: approximately 6.2 feet (1.9m)
  • Requires 12.5 amps to operate with a 15-amp circuit breaker

Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat Specifications:

  • Ready to plug in
  • Heating in the cold, ventilation in the heat
  • Adjustment range: -58 to 210.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to + 99 degrees Celsius)
  • Robust and digital display
  • Approximately 5 feet (1.5m) temperature sensor cable length
  • Includes Schuko (Type F) socket
  • Up to 1,500W/5,120 BTUs power adjustable

Additional Information

Palma Greenhouse Heater 110V Manual (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
W.B. (San Luis Obispo, US)
Excellent greenhouse heater

I bought the one with the manual thermostat, and it is working well. The heat is not exact, but varies with the outside temp which here in mid-coastal California is pretty mild. The resulting range in the greenhouse is perfect for my uses. I combine it with grow lights and heat mats when necessary. Very glad I purchased it.

Customer (New York, US)
Perfect for the job

I live in northern NH, I have a 8 X 12 greenhouse. This heater/fan heats perfectly.

Terry Czerwonka (Seattle, US)
Quite pleased!

I’ve been using my heater for several weeks now to keep my 10x12 greenhouse warm and I’m quite pleased with its performance! I have to say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made all year

Bob Watson (Dallas, US)
Doing the job I'd hoped for

Still early as far as cold middle Midwest weather goes, but so far there's been no problem keeping my 8'x8' Workpro polyethylene greenhouse at the desired temperature. Coldest thus far is low 20s and never dipped below 48 degrees inside. Temperature data is being logged with a Govee Hygrometer. The real test will come if we get an extended period (2-3 weeks) below freezing, but based on what I've seen the first month of operation, my Palma will handle it without an issue. I did add a DeWitt N-Sulate frost blanket to the ceiling and walls for some added protection. Watching my energy bill, operation cost is negligible. I'm quite pleased at this point.

C PORTER (Essex Junction, US)

The first one I received kept overheating and overloading.

After contacting the manufacturer they quickly sent out another heater and it works as it should.

I am running this heater with a 50’ extension cord plugged into a GFI and it is running as it should

The thermostat works as it should and overall to keep my 8x8 shed in the 40 degree range for my bonsai it is working well

Time will tell how well it performs in really cold weather, I don’t know if it will overheat and overload if running non stop in February with -20 degree weather

Right now I am pleased for the money

It is unlike a traditional space heater as it really doesn’t get very hot
It gradually warms up and does the job but it never really gets hot
I am sure it is designed this way to prevent burning or overheating the plants

Overall 👍👍👍👍👍

Barbara (The Villages, US)
Palma heater

The heater and thermostat are great. I am having to insulate my greenhouse/shed cause it doesn’t retain the heat. But expecting it to come together.

Susan Lewis (Powhatan, US)
Perfect Heater

Great heater for my 10x12 greenhouse. It gives off gentle even heat! Very reliable.

CJ (Cool, US)
A Great Little Heater!

I love this Palma Heater for my smallish greenhouse. I purchased it to replace a very unreliable propane heater setup that failed several times in the middle of the night. I like this Palma so much that I purhased a second as back up. No back up needed yet. As far as cost comparison between propane and electric, I'm not sure there is much difference anymore since propane prices have skyrocketed. I'm a happy customer.

Su H. (Portland, US)
The real deal

This heater/thermostat combo really helps maintain temps in my Palram 6x8’ hobby greenhouse.

Legacy Review
Average Heat

I have had the product for a week. It maintained at temp of at least 41.3 degrees Fahrenheit while temps outside were at 22. I have a 10X12" greenhouse that has 12 foot tall at peak with circulating fans to keep heat temps evenly dispearsed. The walls of the greenhouse are 8 mil double walled polycarbonate. I suspect when we get done replacing the walls that are only 4 mil with the new 8 mil the temperature will be higher. So far working well. I do have it under constant data tracking with a Hygrometer that logs 27/7. Being this is a new purchase, I can not rate it any higher until it has been working for a season. I will come back and rate again a year now now.