Tidy Tray

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The Tidy Tray is a lightweight, one-piece potting tray that lets you bring garden work inside without having to worry about making a mess. Made from recycled polypropylene, this tough tray is dirt and waterproof, and features a low front, allowing for easy workspace access. Measures 24" L x 21.6" W
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The Tidy Tray is a lightweight, one-piece potting tray that lets you bring garden work inside without having to worry about making a mess. Made from recycled polypropylene, this tough tray is dirt and waterproof, and features a low front, allowing for easy workspace access.

Measures 24" L x 21.6" W x 7.8" H.

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Reviews (28)
  • Tidy Tray and Shelf
    First became aware of this item on growingagreenerworld. It's a great addition to my gardening adventures both indoors and out.
  • Great size and thickness to last many years
    Bought this tidy tray for potting and soil mixing and we couldn't be happier! It's a great size to mix 2-3 gallons of soil without making a mess. Lightweight and portable to wherever you need to be and even works great indoors to repot houseplants! Garland makes great products and we're glad Greenhouse Megastore brings these products to American markets!
  • One of my best purchases ever
    I love this tidy tray. It is strong and light---I'm sure it will last my lifetime. It's not too big, just the right size to throw on the workbench to pot up a few plants without spreading potting soil everywhere. If you're like me and a "plant nerd", you'll notice this product being used on many of the BBC gardening programs in Great Britain. Highly recommend. Glad I found it here.
  • Excellent
    I purchased 3. One for me and one for each of my daughters. Wonderful product. No more wasting soil when repotting and washes up nicely.
  • Great potting tray
    This is a great potting tray, very sturdy and with plenty of room to fill 1020 propagation trays or pot up starts into larger containers. Excellent product at a great price.
  • Tidy tray game changer.
    I wish I knew about this store and product years ago. Starting seeds inside and having a place that holds not only the mess but also the 10/20 trays perfectly felt like a gift. The price was well within my budget and the product was strong and easy to rinse clean. I will be back for me.
    It was given as a Gift
  • Best litterbox for rabbit
    I went searching for a low sided litter box for my rabbit because I noticed he was starting to go right outside his litter pan instead of the pan itself. He's an older heavy rabbit so I thought maybe joint issues. This was a great asset for him. I got 2 because they were priced cheaply. He uses both. About to buy another to contain his hay because he likes to potty while eating his hay now. Best purchase yet and they fit perfectly in a large dog kennel as well (he has a kennel not a cage)
  • Great Litter box
    I am using the trays as low-entry litter boxes for my arthritic rabbits who find it difficult to hop into a regular litter box. The trays works perfectly for this purpose and the rabbits enjoy using them and hanging out in them.
  • Tidy tray
    Wonderful purchase. I am using it with pride. Wanted one from a while and am very happy with it. Very useful and tidy too!
  • Great
    Perfect for what I am using it for. Bought this to place my indoor pet rabbits food dish, water bowl and hay in so that my floor would not get wet or dirty. Works perfect! Love it.
  • Great product
    I use these Tidy Trays both for the purpose they were designed (planting tray) and as a litter box. I foster rabbits and we had a mother rabbit with a splayed leg come into fostering. I went searching for a litterbox that she could use and these were perfect. They are durable, attractive and stack well. Just a handy, inexpensive (but well-designed and solid) item!
  • Perfect for an Unconventional Use
    I bought this to use as a litter box for a disabled cat. It is a great size, very durable, and was an excellent value for the price. The addition of sticky tub treads, to prevent kitty from slipping around too much, and we are happy customers.
  • African violet grower
    I love the tidy tray. Keeps my work area neat and clean. Large enough to have pots on one side and soil on the other. Great large work area.
  • Awesome!
    Awesome! Useful! Right-sized!
  • Best tray ever!
    PROS: Its huge and holds a lot of potting soil. Great for mixing my own organics.High back allows for bigger amounts of materials. CONS: not stack-able while holding materials.I need more!
  • Great for What I am Using it for
    I have a disabled cat with crippled hind legs. I am using this for a litter pan because he wasn't able to get into a regular litter pan any longer. It works perfectly for that purpose! He is a happy cat again, so are we! That being said, it would also be great for its intended purpose as it looks to be very sturdy and durable, and the price is excellent! We also received it very quickly!
  • Just what I needed
    This tray works for me. I needed something to keep the potting soil from spreading all over my patio table. Very sturdy. Another great Garland product.
  • wobbly
    Just got this and hoped it would be what I needed for potting in the house during winter. Unfortunately, it has an manufacturing imperfection on the bottom so that it will not sit flat. It rocks and rolls. If I line the cardboard box it came in with plastic it would probably more useful.
  • Tidy Tray
    The Tidy Tray with optional shelf has made the potting/repotting of plants extremely easy! It allows me easy clean up afterwards due to its solid structure so I am able to lift it up and tip excess potting mixtures back into their bags, and do the same with excess water after flushing/fertilizing my orchid plants. I am so happy that I found and purchased the Tidy Tray and shelf and heartily recommend it!
  • Keeps the mess manageable
    $10 is absolutely worth it to keep the mess under control. Potting up plants or repotting containers is now vastly easier. Put this on a table and there's no issue with dumping soil everywhere. What used to be an annoying, messy task is now much easier. I bought this on a whim and, after repotting a half dozen succulents, don't know how I ever managed before. Perfect size for plants up to 5 gallons. Really well designed.
  • Makes a great litter box
    Makes a great litter box for our recently disabled cat (rear leg amputation). The low front lip allows her to easily access the box, while still keeping the litter contained. Very sturdy.
  • Apartment gardeners dream.
    I repot Orchids in a small apartment. Best investment I've made in the hobby. Quality of the product is striking. Solid and well finished. I spray and wipe down w/ Hydrogen Peroxide between Orchids and for storage in tiny front coat closet. A must have!
  • Essential for potting tool
    Great product, well made, perfect size. Delivered timely and in perfect condition.
  • Johnny
    This an excellent value. The price point is comfortable. It definitely is solid construction and the size is very good. I have put two on my potting table which allows me to work with different materials. When repotting I use one to remove the old pot and spent soil then I repot and add new soil in the other. The size allows for mixing soil and amendments without a big mess. Definitely one of the more useful products I have bought.
  • Great product
    I don't have much room for working on setting up my seedlings and I found this tray great. I end up setting up my seedlings in my living room, and this tray worked great in keeping the soil in one place and not all over the floor. The sides are high enough that you can mix in your fertilizer and perlite without it getting all over. Love this tray and would recommend it to overs.
  • Tidy tray
    The size just fit 1020 standard seeding tray very well and still have room for seeding mix. Very good design. I will buy another one for outdoor use.
  • Potting tidy
    Excellent product, exactly as described. Works well with soil-blocker. Prompt service & delivery. Same product advertised elsewhere for up to twice the cost.