Garland Tidy Tray
Garland Tidy Tray

Garland Tidy Tray


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The Tidy Tray is a lightweight, one-piece potting tray that lets you bring garden work inside without having to worry about making a mess. Made from recycled polypropylene, this tough tray is dirt and waterproof, and features a low front, allowing for easy workspace access.

Garland Tidy Tray Features:

  • Versatile Garden Tray - Ideal for potting, mixing, growing, and various garden tasks, allowing easy indoor use without creating a mess.
  • Ease of Use - Essential for both private and commercial gardeners due to it's durable plastic material.
  • Multiple Functions - Use it as a spillage tray, seed starter, grow tray, or planting tray.
  • Dimensions - Measures 24.5 in. L x 8 in. W x 22 in. H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Susan (Winnetka, US)
Great for mixing small batches of seed-starting mix

I purchased one of these trays from another source about 20 years ago, and it is still going strong, which is the reason I gave the product 5 stars. Decided to purchase a second one as back-up and times when I have help potting up seeds, but due to stocking issues, it arrived too late to use this year.

S. (Winnetka, US)
Very durable

I purchased one of these trays about 20 years ago. It is in great shape, and has served me well. Just bought a second one from GM for those time when I have help filling and planting seed trays.
Great product, and indispensable of you create your own planting mixes from multiple products.

Laura Austin (New Braunfels, US)
Love it.

Nice. Plastic, but not flimsy. Helps keep the dirt contained!

Steven Gilmore (Seattle, US)
Love this Replanting Tray!

I use this in my greenhouse when transplanting my seedlings into larger pots. It keeps all the spilled soil confined in one area which can be dumped into my bag of topsoil. Keeps my work surface clean and tidy!

Suzanne Rose (Rainier, US)

Love it.. makes planting so easy!

Diana R. (Seattle, US)

I love it! Took a long while to get it because it was on backorder but definitely worth the wait.

Great product, works great, very good quality.

Very good product, quality is the best.

Jacqueline Guethle (Indianapolis, US)
VERY Happy withTidy Tray

I’m VERY happy with the Tidy Tray. I got extras for gifts and everyone I gifted is very pleased also.
Thank You for such a nice product!!

Dennis Hawkins (Fremont, US)
Great for working your bonsai trees

These TidyTrays are way sturdier than the black concrete mixing trays at Home Depot. It much easier to work on your trees. When repotting or trimming the waste falls into the tray and not onto the floor. I purchased 10 of these trays and sold them to club members. Now other members from different clubs want to know where to get them.

Elizabeth Keefe (Florence, US)

Love it