Coex Square Pot

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The Coex thermoform square pots are perfect for annuals, perennials, and specialty crops. A cheaper, smarter alternative, thermoforming is an eco-friendly process that saves on resources by utilizing less plastic during production. Meanwhile, the Coex square pots retain all the durability and
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The Coex thermoform square pots are perfect for annuals, perennials, and specialty crops. A cheaper, smarter alternative, thermoforming is an eco-friendly process that saves on resources by utilizing less plastic during production. Meanwhile, the Coex square pots retain all the durability and features you would expect and desire:

  • Dual drainage bottoms for increased aeration.
  • Strong rim design.
  • Flexible containers won't crack.
  • Compatible with Square Pot Carrying Trays.


Width Height
4" 5-3/4"
5-1/4" 6"
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Reviews (37)
  • 1 and 2 quart plastic pots
    I like these pots a lot. The size and shape of the 1 quart fits perfectly in my repurposed seedling trays! They are simple, durable and easy to fill and plant. They were the best value I found and I will order them again.
  • Coex Square pot
    Working fine. A little larger (taller) than I needed, but it is satisfactory.
  • So so
    While a great price and needed size- they are pretty thin and flimsy.
  • Delivery of your products
    I have never been more dissappointed in a delivery of any thing I have purchased. The product was delayed from Ukiah, which is approximately 50 miles away for 6 days. FedEx kept saying it was bad weather. Its absurd when I get an email in the a.m. saying the package is on the truck for delivery and another email in the late afternoon saying the package is delayed because of weather. I would make sure someone was here to receive a package that never came even though I was told it was coming
  • Coex Square pot
    I purchased these square pot. I never had a problem. I love it!
  • My all-rime favorite pots
    I love these pots! I’ve been using some of them multiple times a season for 3 years and they’re still fine. So easy to pop the plant out at transplant time!
  • 4 inch square Coex pots
    Great Price. Great Pots - nice roomy 4 inch pots. Only issue was, when I left some empty pots in the sun,they became miss-shaped due to the sun/heat.
  • break easiy
    cheaply made,some broke while filling with soil.
  • Very handy
    As advertised
  • Great product
    I am using these containers in a large wire holder, there were 12 square holes, they fit perfectly. I planted different shade and textures of sedum. Now I have it hanging (a vertical garden ) on my brick wall. Great product!
  • True 2 qt pots
    Love these for potting up Hosta and Daylily. Ample room for good roots
  • True 1 qt. Pots
    Excellent for potting perennials that are to be sold that aren't quite ready for a 2 Qt. Pot. Provides ample space for good roots
  • Worked very well and good price point
    These worked very well and had a much more reasonable price point. Use for Master Gardener sale and every penny counts. No issues with these.
  • Fine Little Pots
    They arrived swift and are exactly as pictured. Nice color, good substance.
  • These are big and heavy
    These are fantastic for their size, but be careful because a tray full (8) of these is really heavy, especially when wet. I doubled up the tray with either broken trays underneath or the peat pot trays I don't use anymore. Still, I use a cookie sheet if I move these heavy trays.
  • True 2 qt. Pots
    I bought these to pot up perennials and they are perfect for this. Just wish shipping was a little more reasonable.
  • Coex square pots
    Love these pots! They are the standard pot for our nonprofit's plant sale. Durable and stable.
  • Great product and price
    I have used some pots in the past that are so thin they crack and split easily. These are flexible yet don't crack. Some have had full exposure to the sun for a month and are still fine. They fit perfectly in the trays meant to fit.
  • Pots
    These seem a little thin, but should work just fine. Not sure how many years will last, but price was good
  • Went as expected
    Pots are good quality, well worth the price. Shipping was fast, order complete. Would recommend.
  • coex square pots
    this is my standard pot for young plants, it has good depth for root developement
  • these don't fit a standard flat properly
    These aren't the right size to fit in a standard transplant flat/tray. You can fit 18 in a flat, but it leaves a significant gap on each side, so they won't sit securely.
  • Thin but Good
    Used them for cutting. Plan to buy more.
  • Good product
    Attractive, reusable pots.I use the various sizes of this group of square pots as I progress from plugs to sturdy specimens ready for the wild.
  • Like these pots
    I like these for what I am using them for. We are growing out seedling for a variety of pepper plants. They are the perfect size to plant once till ready for outside or to sell. The 4 is because there are quite a few of them that came out of the box crushed (but not broken). After filling them they are fine. It was just a little annoying to have to deal with while trying to repot 400 plants.
  • Coex Good Value
    I have purchased literally hundreds of the Coex Square pots in various sizes and feel like they are the best value available. In all sizes they are great except that I have found for some reason, the design of the true quart makes it difficult to get a plant out of them. With all of the other sizes I'm able to simply turn the pot upside down and get the plant with soil still in tact (for transplanting) out of the pot with no problem. The true quart however, I think because of the taper towards the bottom, has a sort of suction that occurs when trying to pull the plant out making it difficult to release the entire plant in tact.
  • Good quality, low price
    These won't last forever, but I expect to get multiple uses out of them regardless. At under 25c each for the 4 pots, they are a great bargain - much better than expected for the price.However, they do not match the pictures or the answers to questions in the Q&A section.The pots I received are black, not green.The opening at the top (inner dimension) is 3.5, not 4. The exterior dimension is 4 at the top.The bottom of the pot is 3, not 2.5.I'm happy with the pots - but the item pictured, and the answers given above don't apply to the pots I actually received.
  • Excellent pots!
    I really REALLY like these pots and it's the best price on the internet too! Arrived fast in shipping and when it's time to transplant into bigger pots from these, the plants release so easily and cleanly! Couldn't be a better product and the customer service is absolutely THE BEST!!!
  • Great product, great service
    I love ordering from Greenhouse Megastore! I know I'm going to get a great product and a great price really quick. These Coex pots are no exception. We have a small nursery and we use them for our smaller perennials. They work great, hold up well, and are inexpensive. I also love the deeper pots over some of the other square pots that are more expensive. We'll keep using them and keep ordering right here....and so should you!
  • 4
    These pots are fantastic; sturdy, solid and give my plants a lot of room for roots to expand. I am using these to get several hundred Montauk Dasies started prior to planting and selling this fall. The plants are growing great and the size will make sales and planting easier. As usual, Greenhouse Megastore comes through with a great product, fantastic delivery and good pricing.
  • Great!
    These pots are awesome. They are flexible but still very sturdy. They are made out of thick material. Shipping as always was fast. These will last many years to come!
  • Perfect size pot
    The Coex Square Pots, - True 1 Quart, 4 Square Pot, are a great all-aroundpot for starting seeds thru the 'harding off' process before transplanting to the garden.
  • Not what I was really looking for - but pleased
    I have been looking for 4 inch tall injected molded pots for quite a while. I know they are made, but could not find a vendor. Even though I have never really liked thermoformed pots, I finally broke down and bought these because of price and availability. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these pots. They seem to be a heavier grade of plastic than other thermoformed pots I have used and the rim makes them sturdier and less likely to crack. Personally I would still prefer tall injection mold pots, but if I find myself in the same situation, I would definitely buy these again.
  • Owner
    Excellent 2 quart Pots. We use them for perennials and like how the square pots fit together leaving no unused space in the growing frame. These pots were just what we were looking for.
  • Patricia
    Economical and sturdy.
  • Coex Square Pots - True 2 Quart, 5-1/4
    Seemed a little flimsy when I got them. After I got the dirt in, they are very steady. Good product.
  • Lots of Pots
    Good quantity and quality, price was right and shipping was reasonable.