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Shade Material

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      Shade Cloth for Plants and Humans

      A shade cloth lets people rescue their home gardens, professional greenhouses and outdoor living spaces from the wrath of the sun's rays. We love sunny days as much as you do, but sometimes the sun generates so much heat that plants and humans are uncomfortable. Use greenhouse shadecloth materials to give structures and open spaces some needed relief from the sun's rays.

      Throw Some Shade Over Your Yard or Garden

      Adding shade fabric to a greenhouse can significantly lower summer cooling costs by increasing the efficiency of your existing cooling system - and that's irresistible. Hanging shade cloth in a greenhouse also lets you control the amount of light based on what conditions different plants thrive in. Finally, the versatility of a shade canopy or sun shade sails allows you to reclaim your scorching hot patios and pergolas.

      Beat the heat with a greenhouse shade cloth or structure. Not every plant or person wants - or needs - direct sunlight all the time. With these panel cloths and shade sails, you can dictate how much sun any area gets.

      Greenhouse Shade Cloth Supplies

      Greenhouse Megastore has the right shade cloths and accessories so everyone and everything can stay cool. We'll help you find a shade cloth for greenhouse or personal use. Fabrics are available in light, medium and heavy densities with a finished or unfinished edge. Choose knitted or woven shade cloth in colors such as black, silver, green and tan. If you prefer a sun sail shade, we offer them in square and triangle shapes. Use them in the backyard or take them on camping and hiking trips.

      You can order pre-cut shade cloths and sails in many sizes along with bulk rolls for custom projects. Some materials are available by the foot if you know the amount you need. Finished shade panels have a finished edge with metal grommets for hanging and tying them together. Want to keep sun out with no fabric necessary? Use shade compounds that can be sprayed or brushed onto a surface. We have seasonal, year-long and permanent shading formulas.

      Quantity and Quality

      Greenhouse Megastore has the best plant shading supplies with options for both professional gardeners and passionate hobbyists. Take advantage of free shipping on qualifying orders and our unconditional one-year guarantee. When you add in that we match any online competitor's price, you receive unbeatable value on every greenhouse project.

      Do you have questions about greenhouse shade materials? Call us Monday-Friday at 1-888-287-9337. A sales associate will help you determine the best shading option to protect plants, people and pets. We're here for DIY and commercial growers with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.