Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets


      Greenhouse Acrylic Panels

      Our acrylic sheets are perfect for building a tough and efficient greenhouse on a budget. These panels are 10 times more impact-resistant than glass, making them excellent for DIY greenhouses and in areas that have milder weather. Use our greenhouse plexiglass sheets as wall or roof panels to protect your seedlings.

      High-Impact Acrylic Sheets

      We are a proud dealer of Acrylite® panels to construct your acrylic greenhouse. Flat twin-wall greenhouse panels offer excellent insulation and a clean appearance for standing-seam construction. The corrugated acrylic board is easy to install and more affordable, though it won't be as weather-tight as flat panels.

      We have several acrylic sheet colors and thicknesses which affect light transmission and insulation levels. For example, thicker sheets allow less light through but retain more heat. Gray, white or cool blue sheets reduce glare compared to clear plexiglass; they also block more UV rays to control plant growth and limit equipment fading. Many plexiglass sheet sizes are available to ship in money-saving bulk packs. We also can arrange for custom panel sizing - contact Greenhouse Megastore for a quote.

      Make Greenhouses That Last

      Even if you're tackling your first backyard greenhouse project, you can do so confidently with the right material. Acrylite sheets have a 30-year guarantee against yellowing and a 10-year limited warranty against weathering and hail damage. You're also covered by our total product support and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction - which includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. Enjoy an energy-efficient, safe and affordable grow space with the best acrylic greenhouse sheets.