Climate Control

Climate Control

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      Greenhouse Climate Control

      The purpose of a greenhouse is to grow the plants you want when you want to. For that, you'll need a good climate control system. Shop at Greenhouse Megastore when you need climate control for greenhouses, garages and other structures. We carry equipment and accessories from leading brands with a Low Price Guarantee.

      Best Greenhouse Environmental Control Systems

      Setting the right climate for thriving plants starts with the temperature. Whatever the season, we'll help you put together a temperature-controlled greenhouse. Order a greenhouse heater to grow plants in the winter and a swamp cooler to prevent searing temps in the summer. Greenhouse vents and exhaust fans ensure good air circulation and allow minor climate adjustments so don't always have to break out the big equipment.

      Plants also need the right amount of light and humidity to grow properly. Use greenhouse lighting to increase the brightness or shade cloth to create a darker habitat. Our dehumidifiers eliminate excess moisture, and when you can't open the vents, a CO2 generator will produce the carbon dioxide plants crave. With greenhouse controller kits, you can dial in fan speed, shutter opening times and more - or just program in the ideal environment and let the system do the rest.

      Control Your Greenhouse Output

      By getting the greenhouse conditions just right, you'll raise healthier, more productive plants. The experts at Greenhouse Megastore are happy to assist with any climate control greenhouse project and provide technical support when needed. We guarantee the lowest prices and ship qualifying orders free to the lower 48 states.