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      Since 1969 Grodan has been the world-wide leader in supplying innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions. Over the last 50 years, customers from commercial hydroponic growers to home-based gardeners have been using Grodan products to cultivate safe, healthy and high quality-vegetables and plants.

      What is stone wool?

      Stone wool is made from basalt (rock) that is heated to 3,000°F and spun like cotton candy into long fibers (wool). The fact that it’s sustainable for the environment is an added bonus.

      What are the benefits of stone wool?

      • Lightweight, pathogen-free, disease-free, seed-free
      • Even, rapid water distribution throughout the media
      • The most uniform growing substrate which results in consistent plant growth
      • Inert, meaning it will not add or hold back any nutrients or water from the plant
      • Usable in recirculating systems from first drain, reducing water and fertilizer usage
      • Very controllable so grower is able to steer plant growth.
      • Excellent buffer and re-saturation capability
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      Grodan Plant Growing Media

      Help urban and indoor plants reach their full potential by adding Grodan cubes, slabs and granular formulas to any hydroponic system. Grodan is known for its stone wool substrate that professional horticulturalists have used since 1969. When you want lavish vegetable and flower crops, this soilless media offers the controllable support you need.

      Sustainable Hydroponic Supplies

      With Grodan stone wool, your indoor farms have the strongest foundation for growth. It offers the most efficient distribution of water and fertilizer to your plants, which increases yields while reducing costs. This highly absorbent material is highly resistant to diseases and pathogens, and as an inert media, it will not add or take away anything from your plants that you don't want it to. Production is environmentally sustainable to protect future generations of hydroponics growers. See our Stone Wool FAQs below to learn more about the benefits of stone wool and how it works.

      Grow More with Grodan

      We're an authorized retailer of Grodan Rockwool solutions for professional and hobby gardeners. Order Grodan Grow-Cubes for loose-fill containers, grow blocks for versatility in hydroponic flood systems and stone wool slabs for compact planting. There are also starter plugs, granular wool and other forms based on the growth stage and your irrigation approach. A Grodan Seed Starting Kit provides a self-contained environment for healthy seedlings before you transport them to the main hydroponics system.

      If you're new to Grodan products or hydroponics in general, call Greenhouse Megastore at 1-888-281-9337. We'll help you determine the correct growing media with volume discount pricing for large orders.