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      Best Plant Pots

      Many plants need their own space to grow, so provide them with an assortment of indoor and outdoor planters. Classic plant pots prevent root entanglement, let you organize efficiently and give you more options about where and when to cultivate. Decorative planters let you add style to gardens and greenhouses, too.

      Pots for Nursery and Greenhouse Growing

      We have dozens of planters for DIY gardeners, nurseries, landscapers and others who need the right containers. They come in every size and shape you might need to promote better growth. Tall, narrow tree pots establish a tighter root ball for more compact lines when you eventually transport. On the other hand, if plants require a warmer environment, a shallow and wide plant pot means more soil is exposed to the sun.

      Order a variety of round planter pots and square pots in singles or tray-style sheets. Get durable plastic plant pots that are injection-molded for repeated use or thermoformed for low-cost retail setups. Biodegradable pots for plants can be placed directly into the ground or in in a larger pot when it's time for transplanting. Planters work just as well for small-scale gardening as they do for commercial applications, making them a smart pick for growers everywhere.

      High-Quality Planting Pots

      Greenhouse Megastore carries the leading plant container brands such as PlantBest, Coex, Jiffy, Western Pulp and CowPots. They can be ordered in bulk cases with volume discount pricing to reduce expenses. If you're not sure which nursery pot to buy, contact our sales associates Monday through Friday. Satisfaction is always guaranteed!