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Shade Compounds & Coverings

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      Greenhouse Blackout Compounds

      Shading compounds will reduce temperatures and light transmission for plants without having to worry about ripped fabrics or broken hardware. Add Premium Greenhouse Shading to the exterior of your greenhouse coverings for efficient sun blocking. We have the guaranteed lowest prices and can provide quotes for bulk orders.

      Personalized Greenhouse Shading

      If you want a simple, customizable way to control light and UV levels in a structure, consider sun-shading compounds. These paint-like formulas can be applied using a paintbrush, roller or spray gun. When the compound dries, it turns into a white film that reflects the sun away. The standard dilution ratio will produce sun-blocking roughly equivalent to 50% shade cloth. By diluting the compound further, you can use a single coat for lighter shading or several coats for a denser shade. A five-gallon pail of shading compound will cover roughly 2,000 square feet using standard dilution.

      We offer three levels of greenhouse shading performance. Lite Stick Shading Compound is a seasonal formula that will be washed away by moderate rain or light brushing. Regular Stick Shading Compound is meant to last for a full year. With Perma Stick Shading Compound, you can shade a greenhouse forever - even heavy rain barely affects the film. Click on a compound to learn more about it and get the full application instructions.

      Versatile Shading Compounds

      A sprayable shading compound will stick to most greenhouse covering materials, including glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and polyethylene. Contact us at 1-888-281-9337 for advice on whether a shade compound is the right choice for your greenhouse or patio.