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Shade Fabric

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Greenhouse Shade Cloth Fabric

Greenhouse Megastore shade cloth gives you more control over growing conditions so plants reach their potential. It also eases summer strain on cooling systems and makes a structure cozier for humans. Whether your greenhouse needs a little shade or a near-total blackout, we have the correct shade material.

Give Shade to Greenhouses and More

Shop dozens of ways to cool your greenhouse without spending a penny on utilities. Shade cloth density ranges from 20 to 90% with the best option depending on local environmental conditions and what you're growing. Click on a product to see our table of suggested shade cloth uses. We have shade cloth installation hardware as well for DIYers and contractors.

You generally have a choice of woven vs. knitted shade cloth. Woven fabric is heavier for better UV protection while knitted cloth is easier to install and lasts longer. Black, Aluminet and harvest green are the most common colors, but other shade cloth colors are available with affect plant growth. One example is that red shading produces much bigger lettuce leaves than green shading.

Custom Shade Cloth Supplies

There are three options for how to order garden shade fabric. Order heavy-duty shade cloth with grommets for easy installation using wires and ropes. Unfinished panels are made for use with clips and wiggle wires. Or purchase bulk shade cloth rolls that you can cut and reinforce however you like. Choose pre-cut sizes or custom sizing with a Low Price Guarantee. They're great for patios and garages as well so every living being is cozy.