Keep your greenhouse cool and your plants healthy with our selection of greenhouse vent systems, auto vent openers and accessories. Good ventilation lets in the fresh air that plants need for pollination and growth. It also reduces humidity and makes the greenhouse less inviting to pests that otherwise might turn it into their new home.

      Greenhouse Megastore offers a variety of airflow solutions for growing structures of all sizes, including roof and side vents, louver windows, poly side venting, end wall venting and aluminum shutters. Our products range from heavy-duty to the most economical. Whether you need a complete greenhouse ventilation kit or a new automatic greenhouse vent opener, our greenhouse experts can help you find the right product.

      How to Vent Your Greenhouse

      We offer systems for both passive and active greenhouse ventilation. Passive greenhouse vents rely on natural pressure differences to move air through the structure. A greenhouse roof vent is the most effective passive setup. Active greenhouse vents use electric fans and other equipment to force air in and out of the building. This increases airflow, especially for side vents, but requires a power source.

      Add new venting or upgrade with DIY and professional products from top manufacturers. Our selection includes window shutter motors, Perma Duct air ducting, in-line fans and everything else to generate needed airflows. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and back each order with the knowledge that comes from more than 30 years of experience in the commercial greenhouse industry.