Bamboo Stakes

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Bamboo stakes are up to three times stronger than wooden stakes of comparable diameter making them a perfect solution for field staking, containers or for use in your garden. Bamboo is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weathers well and lasts several seasons in the garden. With a few simple tools
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Bamboo stakes are up to three times stronger than wooden stakes of comparable diameter making them a perfect solution for field staking, containers or for use in your garden.

Bamboo is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weathers well and lasts several seasons in the garden. With a few simple tools it can be fashioned into fences, frames, arbors, trellises any structure you can imagine.

3' Bamboo - Used as plant stakes and markers, or as supports for row covers or potted plants. Available in natural color.
4' Bamboo - An all purpose size, good for bean teepees and A-frames, trellises, pea fences, and as rails in decorative fencing. Available in natural color.
6' Bamboo - These stout poles make a bold decorative statement, and are strong enough to use a fence posts, arches or garden gates. The 6' x 1/2" stakes are natural color.

Please Note: Uniformity not guaranteed with harvested Bamboo Stakes.

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Reviews (55)
  • So handy in the garden
    Using 3 bundles of 4 feet stakes as pepper stakes. Also constructed bean screens for my beans to climb. I can’t think of why a gardener or anyone with flowers would not benefit from these.The price is right. These are naturally sustainable and lasting and I like them a lot. I actually could use more.
  • Tomato staking tripod
    I purchased these to stake tomatoes using an easy looking tripod method. I received 3 bundles (exactly as described) in a fast and efficient manner. I will be using other products you offer in the future because of my positive experience. I also am enjoying your tips and ideas. You really are MEGA!!! You offer it all! Thanks so much for being there for me.
  • Great stakes
    The quality of these stakes are much better than what I've bought at big box stores. I got the 3 & 6 foot. I was missing 5 of the 6ft from my order and after emailing customer service they sent them out right away. Very pleased with the service and will be shopping here again. Glad I found them!
  • 4 ft bamboo stakes
    As our garden gets larger, we continue to order these. Great for my peppers and zinnias.
  • Nice sturdy tall bamboo stakes
    Using the tallest bamboo stakes offered here for my sunflowers this year. They're very sturdy and I'm very happy with them. Shipped very quickly, too. Thanks!
  • Bamboo
    Bamboo it was the best thing I could’ve bought for my tomatoes
  • 3 foot stakes.
    The 6 foot ones are fine. 3 foot ones are not at all like the picture. Skimpy.
  • Wow- that is a lot of stakes
    I bought more than one order of the smaller diameter stakes and they are still nice and thick and will be plenty strong. I feel so dumb for paying way more for wimpy bamboo stakes elsewhere. Now I have 8 million (seemingly) and they should last me a while and meet my needs. Super happy about this purchase.
  • Good, well priced product
    To be used to stake tall lillies and floppy perennials with twine. Unobtrusive appearance in the garden.
  • bamboo stakes
    Product arrived as planned. The bamboo stakes were all there. However there was a considerable variance in size. That's why I did not give it a five-star review
  • Excellent
    Got here quickly. Sturdier than some others I have seen. Great value. Thanks for a great experience.
  • Strong bamboo!
    Very strong, does not flex and snap. I will definitely reorder!
  • Great bamboo stakes
    These stakes are working well to support the 19 tomato plants, as well as the 4 tomatillos!
  • Excellent Product
    Retailer was superb.
  • As Advertised
    Was very pleased with my purchase. Arrived promptly. Lovely poles of bamboo, excellent color and shape.
  • Bamboo stakes
    I have found this site to have the best price for my tomato stakes. Fast shipping..great deal!
  • Bamboo Stakes
    They serve my purpose well.Thanks
  • A Good Job
    I got exactly what I hoped for and they shipped it well too.
  • Bamboo stakes are good
    Fine, strong stakes; I am going to order more
  • buyer-builder
    Misstating product dimensions,, very few 5/8ths inch sticks-lots of 3/8 or less. Had to buy more from another site to finish the job. Cost more time and money.
  • Bulk bamboo stakes
    Great price great products. I do wish I had order a larger diameter though.The 3/4 diameter is not as thick as I visualized.
  • Bamboo stakes
    Shopped around for this product. You had the best most authentic+ great priced product.
  • Excellent bamboo poles
    I ordered two packs of the bamboo poles for my garden. Very good price, came in excellent condition!! I am really enjoying using them for my cucumber and tomatoe plants! Bought the 6 ft tall, medium size (3/4 inch) poles. Highly recommend!!
  • 4' Lengthen - flimsy - disappointed
    These were a huge disappointment - most of them were so thin they were unusable and I tossed them into the fire pit. Wasn't worth the $8 refund to pay the shipping to sent them back.
  • Stout Sticks
    My first shipment contained some split boo. Greenhouse Megastore sent replacements quicker than you can say boo! The boo is stout and serves it purpose as a plant supporter! Recommend these and will buy more!
  • Great Bamboo for the garden
    These stakes are solid, durable and easy to use in my garden. Exactly what I needed to stake out several of my plants.They also make a great pole for a string and toy for the cat!
  • 6' Bamboo Stakes
    Just what I ordered and needed. I use the 6' bamboo stakes to secure tomato plants and also to let morning glories travel up. I like this more natural looking solution.
  • Mike H
    The packet of 25 6ftx10-12mm bamboo stakes were fine. However the packet of 10 6ftx3/4in bamboo stakes didn't seem to be too much different in width than the first packet. Given the cost differential between the two packets I expected the 10 pack to be significantly more substantial in width. Also I expected the 3/4in stakes not to be tapered but more uniform in width throughout the length of the stake.
  • Bamboo Stakes were perfect
    We ordered the 10 - 12mm x 6' bamboo steaks for our pole beans this year. The stakes are fantastic. Our beans are climbing and looking great and the bamboo is holding up very nicely. I would absolutely recommend these.
  • Backyard Garden
    6ft Bamboo Stakes are a good value for the quantity and quality you get
  • 5footbamboostakes
    fabulous price and use them for my peppers & eggplant
  • Just what I needed
    Wonderful product, great price, timely delivery...would order again
    Product came well protected. No damage. Expected sticks to be larger and heavier. Will wait to see if they hold under pressure.
  • Bamboo
    These were all uniformed and very strong. Have used them for two seasons and they are as good as new. The will last for a good long time I am sure. The cucumbers grow right to the top of the teepees I build in Harte pots the look great. They can be used for beans, tomatoes, squash anything than vines. Love them
  • bamboo stakes
    Best prices, reasonable and fast postage. AND great product too.
  • Waste of money
    The stakes were not as thick as a pencil. They were so skinny, they had to be taped together to be of any use. Also, 4 feet long, but netting is 6 feet x 6 feet
  • Good for what I use them for
    Rated as a 5 because they are totally as described. However,I wish they were available in a longer length. Six foot is just not long enough to use as bean poles. I use as supports for tomato and cucumber cages. I make the cages from 4' farm fence. The bamboo is woven in the wire and pushed a foot or more into the ground to provide support. I do the same with pole beans but I tie wrap an additional pole to the cage to allow the beans to be able to climb 7 or 8 feet.
  • Good Sticks
    The bamboo os good, a little on the thin side but they are nicely packed. Will serve the intended purpose.I am using them for Asian pole beans
  • Farmer K
    Nice quality stakes. Uniform and sturdy.
  • Baboo Stakes
    Great value for the money. They came in great condition and were easy to form for my peas in the garden.
  • Bamboo Stakes
    stakes Arrived on time and in good condition
  • Lynette
    Very Sturdy, just what I wanted
  • Bamboo stakes worked well
    I received the bamboo stakes as expected. They worked well for me.
  • Terri
    Exactly as described. Better price than I can purchase locally, and the added bonus of being able to order the size I need.
  • Wedding
    We used our bamboo stakes to cut into 20 wands for our ribbon wands for our wedding. These worked out so much better than wooden dowels...we were able to drill into the bamboo without it splitting or cracking. I'm so happy we went with bamboo and not wooden dowels! They look amazing!
  • As Expected
    Great all-natural bamboo stakes for my garden, shipment was fast. Only complaint is that more stakes were 6mm than 7-8mm in circumference. They are still durable, though, and are serving their purpose wonderfully.
    I was looking around everywhere for 6' bamboo stakes to build trellises, teepees, and to stake tomatoes, but I couldn't find a source that wasn't grossly overpriced or charged a ridiculous amount for shipping. Greenhouse Megastore - YOU ARE THE BEST! These stakes are fantastic! Your shipping was very fast, too. I will DEFINITELY be back and will refer all my friends and family to your website. Thanks so much! P.S. Is there any chance you'll be carrying the bamboo stakes in 8' lengths?
  • Great Steaks
    A great stake, that will last for years to come! Thick and no staining!!!
  • Bamboo stakes have changed
    I have purchased many product from greenhouse megastore, including bamboo stakes. The 6 foot stakes that were sent this time were green and fragile. Nothing like the stakes i had purchased in the past.
  • nice, very nice
    i haven't used these stakes yet, but,i think they are going to be great.nice price too!
  • Outstanding Bamboo Stakes
    Strong, yet flexible. Also attractive.
  • Fun Fun
    I was excited to find these as I browsed for other items. They are sturdy and economical. I want to create trellises and plant supports in my vegetable garden. But they seem sturdy enough to use for many other purposes, as well.
  • Bamboo stakes
    As stakes go, excellent. Thicker than garden store standards. Consistently good.
  • Bamboo
    Sturdy, sustainable, and cheaper than their metal or wood counterparts from the big box store. Need I say more?
  • stakes
    These are exactly what I was looking for to enhance my new California garden, which I am planting in Ohio, in a couple of months.