Coex Round Pots

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The Coex thermoform round pots are perfect for annuals, perennials, and specialty crops. A cheaper, smarter alternative, thermoforming is an eco-friendly process that saves on resources by utilizing less plastic during production. However, these round polypropylene pots will retain all the
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The Coex thermoform round pots are perfect for annuals, perennials, and specialty crops. A cheaper, smarter alternative, thermoforming is an eco-friendly process that saves on resources by utilizing less plastic during production. However, these round polypropylene pots will retain all the durability and features you would expect and desire:

  • Precision punched bi-level drain holes.
  • Strong rim design is great for automated systems.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Flexible containers won't crack.


Diameter Height
3.5" 3"
4" 4"
4-1/2" 5-1/4"
5" 3-3/4"
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Reviews (77)
  • Coex round quart pots
    We use this at our Redbud CNPS Nursery and they are excellent. We reuse them many times over and they are sturdy. Native plants do well in them, customers like them.
  • Coex Pots
    After finding the pots I wanted was out of stock ,your customer dervice person suggested these.They were perfect and better cost wise.Extremely happy.
  • Perfect little pots
    These planting pots are reasonable, sturdy and reusable. I plant “cat grass” in them for farmers markets sale. As I said they are perfect
  • Nice balance between price and quality -- Excellent Value
    Pots fit tray very nicely, neither too tight nor too loose. Even with loaded and recently watered pots, tray handles will with two hands
  • Well made.
    Couldn't ask for a better everyday pot.
  • Coex round pots
    I have been purchasing this item over and over and never failed me. Love!
  • Not Bad
    The plastic was a little thinner than I expected, but very functional. I'd buy them again.
  • Perfect for Single pot tomatoes
    I supply local farm store with plants, bought these for single tomato plants. flowers popped with plant not being pot bound. Customers loved them!
  • Great pots
    Sturdy and tough
  • Good quality and lots of size choices
    I purchase the 3.5", 4.0", and 4.5" (tall) pots by the case. I really like the taller quart 4.5" pots and carry tray. I use the smaller pots for bedding and veggie starts.
  • Perfect product at perfect price
    size perfect for single plant sales. Best price I have found for this type of product
  • I love these pots
    I use these for potting up my tomatoes and peppers. They are the perfect size.
  • Great little pots
    First time purchase and quality better than my expectation. Same price pot on Amazon MUCH thinner and flimsy. This pot you can scoop in soil to fill.
  • Great
    Received in timely manner just what I needed
  • Quality
    These pots are of high quality and are a good value.
  • Love Gardening
    These pots are great to start my Dahlias in until we get our block raised bed built a bit later. So excited to see thing come up out of the dirt here in MN. Got more seeds to start and get into my greenhouse.
  • Great product
    Great product shipped fast
  • Perfect pots
    Used the 5 inch pots to transplant my garden starts into. Worked perfectly. They are the perfect size.
  • Great transplant pots
    Perfect for transplanting my started seedlings from their original medium to get them ready for the garden. Exactly the right size to allow for great root development.
  • owner
    good stuff
  • Great for potting up tomato transplants
    We start lots of tomato transplants here at the farm each spring and I find this size pot to be a perfect for potting up when they out grow the 50 plug trays. I especially like how deep this pot is. Highly recommend!
  • decent pot for transplants
    Good medium weight pot to transplant seedlings into to further grow out plants before transplanting into the ground, grow bags or containers.
  • Good price
    Good price for small plastic flower pot
  • .
    Just what we wanted. Fast delivery excellent products planting pulmeria seeds
  • Perfect Pots
    I love these pots. Just perfect for starting seeds. I use them instead of the disposable pots so I can reuse them every year. Can't go wrong great price.
  • Best pricing that I have found
    Would have given a 5 but I thought shipping was high for what I purchased.
  • I like these little round pots
    I got these to propagate seedlings, they are the perfect size for my set up. They could be a bit sturdier, but as is they're more than acceptable; it's the only reason I don't give them 5 stars. I've yet to experience anything remotely related to caveat emptor with my Greenhouse Megastore purchases. Please keep up the good work!
  • Just
    These pots work alright, but the bottoms are made of such thin plastic, that they collapse easily, even when full. It makes them prone to tipping and instability. I'll probably not order these particular pots next time, in favor of something a little sturdier.
  • Coex Round Pots
    Excellent value for the price. Speedy delivery. Very satisfied .
  • Planter pots
    These pots are durable and just perfect for seedlings.
  • 4
    The pots I ordered were just what I needed, in the on growing of hanging basket plants. They are stage two of four stages.
  • Coex round pots 4
    Very good service
  • Amazing product
    Very good product. Thank you.
  • Excellent Purchase Experience
    Ordered pots that were used for a fundraiser plant sale - these pots were perfect size for L50 plugs, price was right and the delivery was prompt and at a reasonable cost. These pots were perfect for their intended purpose.
  • mr
    great for seed starting
  • mr
    great container for starting seeds.
  • mr
    work great.
  • Would be great if I received my order in time
    -Product Quality-Durability-How you used or are using the product-Any tips you may have for using the productQuality of product seems good from the little I know of it so far.Durability- I couldn't say yet, but these pots seem durable from what I know of them. Use- Some of the pots I have used for vegetable transplants, and I would be using this product to transplant more vegetable starts for resale if I received my order in a timely manner like I had anticipated, but unfortunately, since I originally ordered on 4/22 and it's 5/11 and I still have not received my full order- all my transplants have since died. So, I will most likely be using the pots that arrive later this week (if I am lucky) as a decoration and a reminder to never call greenhousemagastore to add $50 worth of product to an order.Tips for using the product- Hmmm, this is a toughie. In order to use the product you must receive the product. This hold up was because I called the company directly and added nearly $50 to a $10 order. So, my tip would be do not make the mistake of trying to add to your order within 1 minute of placing your order by calling the company directly- This will make your use of the products much more enjoyable since there is a greater likelihood that you will receive your products rather than experience weeks of frustration and extended wait times to receive products.Happy shopping.
  • Perfect size
    Very sturdy, perfect size for potting on tomatoes from the 3 1/2 in. pots. Order came quickly.
  • home owner
    while the size of the pots were perfect for my needs, I was disappointed in the thickness of the plastic of these pots and the ease of breaking the pots. My intention was to be able to use these pots for several years and I don't think these will.
  • Meets my needs perfectly
    I am not a commercial grower, just a hobbyist. I have used these pots for 3 or 4 years for all of my seedlings. So far they seem indestructible and fairly easy to clean.
  • Quite Pleased!
    Exactly what I needed!
  • 4'' pots and jiffy strips
    These pots are just right not flimsy A-OK. Jiffy strips are ok too.
  • Business Owner
    i have purchase three products. two types of pots and trays with dome tops. Quality is important and i am extreamly happy with quality and shipping time of all products. Happy Customer!!!!
  • 3.5 COEX Round Pots
    Worked Great for starting seeds.
  • 4
    I run a greenhouse and I love these pots
  • Great product and great service
    The pint pot are great for our veg starts. We use a couple cases a year. Customer service is great and shipping is fast.
  • No Finer POT Made
    I have ordered these 4 in. pots three times, this is my updated review on the 4 in. pots, THEY ARE THE BEST. I retail strawberry plants in them from my small 3/4 acre U-pick strawberry patch. THANK YOU
  • Pretty good
    Cheap and completely size compatible with 5 injection molded green pots I've been using. Too bad carrying trays are so hard to find for this size. Novosel Enterprises is the only online source of carrying trays for these pots that I've found. I wish Greenhouse Megastore would carry compatible carrying trays.
  • You get what you pay for
    Cheap, flimsy coes pots. They do the job, unfortunately they don't fit into the recommended 10-pot carrying tray.
  • Just wonderful
    This company and it's products have been everything I have needed for my potting needs. The products I have ordered came quickly and I had no problems. When I had to call to ask a question my call was answered in a timely manner and was handled with kindness and knowledge. I really appreciate this company.
  • just what we ordered
    As always, our order arrived in good condition and on-time & was exactly as described. Thank you for the quality of the products and consideration shown us with each and every order, it is appreciated.
  • Good Starting Planters
    I used these for starting my seeds. They are the perfect size and durable.
  • Excellent!
    I used these for starting my seeds. They are the perfect size and durable.
  • decent quality
    I was skeptical without seeing the 4 pot for myself, but they were a far better grade of plastic than I expectd. I should beable to reuse these year after year and they were @ 7 cents each, vs 49 cents at the local store.
  • fast delivery, nice sized pots
    These pots are the perfect size for transplanting seedlings. Speedy delivery and very inexpensive. I plan to reuse some of them for my own houseplant cuttings.
  • just what I wanted
    These pots were perfect for repotting Tomatoes in Cow pots.They held the cow pots easily and when put in the 15 pot carrier made life good.
  • Perfect!
    I was looking for 4.5 by 4.5 and these are close enough. They seem to be pretty sturdy and will fit the bill for me. I hope to open a small country nursery in the near future.
  • Excellent Quality and Best Cost
    These are good quality pots. Exactly what I expected from the description. These are the most cost effective pots of this size and quality that I have found anywhere. Highly recommended for quality and cost.
  • Good Value
    Nice pots with good drainage. I was pleased with my purchase.
  • Master Gardener
    wonderful size.
  • Excellent value
    These are an excellent choice for transporting seedlings from a conetainer. A little on the flimsy side, but all in all a great choice for us. The smooth surface allows us to write tracking information on the side of the pot which makes it easier for us to keep our plants in order.
  • Awesome
    These pots are very affordable and i am very glad i bought them.
  • from Mick
    Good product, cost & service.
  • Owner
    Just what I needed. Shipping worked great. Good product, I will order more.
  • Plant Pots
    Quick Delivery and they looked like the picture. all looks good to me!
  • Ms
    I am delighted with these pots. The size is perfect. I am planting my Adenium plants in them when they are of a size to be transplanted. They drop perfectly between the grids on the shelves I have them on so they drain freely. I will keep buying these. The price is great and shipping is fast & reasonable.
  • Happy
    Wsa very happy with speed of service & qualityof pots
  • Great item
    Got thes pots to transplant and give away my spreading spider plants. They worked just right and were the perfect size.
  • Excellent Quality for the Cost
    These are good-sized pots for most plants and the cheapest I have found for the quality. I'll buy more again!
  • Great Service
    Exactly what we expected and fast service Thank you.
  • Pots and jiffy 7 peat pellets
    Loved the products and exellent service. Products recieved quickly. I'd order again in a heart beat.
  • coex round pots
    good price & product
  • perfect size
    Great for seedlings to get bigger in before planting out in garden
  • Round Pots
    It is just what I was looking for I will be ordering more.
  • very pleased
    wished i had ordered more...they are perfect for my needs.
  • Coex Round Pots
    I Orderd A Sample Order Of 10 4in.Round 1Pint Pots. I Wanted To See What They Were Like, I Then Orderd A Case Of 1260 Pots To TransPlant StrawBerry Plants In.They Are Great I Will Be Ordering Them Agin THANK YOU Megastore,, Your Shipping Was Very Fast Just 3 Days Thank You Agin,,,,Oldtimer61 I Am 71 Years Young