Square Injection Molded Pots

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These green injection molded pots feature dual drainage bottoms along with an increase in soil volume over round pots to provide enhanced root development. Ideal for herbs, perennials and annuals. High quality construction for maximum root protection from light penetration. Used in conjunction with
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These green injection molded pots feature dual drainage bottoms along with an increase in soil volume over round pots to provide enhanced root development. Ideal for herbs, perennials and annuals. High quality construction for maximum root protection from light penetration. Used in conjunction with trays to assist in handling and labor saving.


DescriptionColorDimensionsCapacity Cubic Inches
3" Square PotGreen3" W x 3" L x 2 1/2" H14
3.5" Square PotGreen3 1/2" W x 3 1/2" L x 2 7/8" H23
4" Square PotGreen4" W x 4" L x 3 1/2" H39
4.5" Square PotGreen4 1/4" W x 4 1/4" L x 3 3/4" H46
5" Square PotGreen5" W x 5" L x 5 7/8" H108

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Reviews (109)
  • Pot size not as described
    I used these pots to start some tomato seeds and they work well and are sturdy. Will use then for the foreseeable future. However... The size and dimensions as described on the website are not as described. I bought the 3.5" pots which are described as "3 1/2" W x 3 1/2" L" when they are not 3.5" on a side, but 3.5" on the diagonal. This makes the pots significantly smaller volume than described. The website should really be corrected.
  • Square injection molded pots
    Excellent Product!! Very durable!
  • Molded pots
    Good quality and it works great for my use.
  • High quality
    Like many folks I am becoming more concerned about how ubiquitous plastic has become- but the worst of all evils is "use once and throw away" products. These pots are good quality plastic that will last for years so they are definitely a good investment and well worth the modest expense.
  • Solid product
    Solid product, good price, thank you.
  • Sturdy and economical
    Initially I thought the cost of these containers was not justified but after using them for nearly a year, I am going to switch from other brands and use them exclusively. They're durable, easy to work with, fit the carry trays well and the plants love 'em!
  • Sturdy
    These pots were a bit smaller than specified online, but they are of sturdy, injection-molded design.
  • Good cheap pots
    They are thin and yet I was able to scoop soil in without bending the edge too much. The top rim makes them sturdier.
  • Best for re-use
    Great size selection. Like these pots as they don’t melt in the greenhouse when stored. They are tough enough to re-use multiple seasons.
    These square pots are the perfect first pot-up size for my seedlings. They are very sturdy and I have reused them many times. They easy to clean. I also got trays that hold 15 of the pots so I can transport it from my seed starting to my greenhouse. They work great and I have used them for about four years now.
  • Pot...
    Same as my other review. Good.
  • Pot...
    Good product, just what I was looking for.
  • Pot Strength
    The smaller pots are pretty strong but as they get larger they become thinner and flimsy. It would be great if they could manufacture a pot as strong as their max strength trays. Those trays are amazing. I use lots of rock and gravel in my pots because succulents and cactus don’t like organic material. That makes the pots heavy but those trays hold up and don’t crack and break.
  • Bigger pots cheaper plastic
    The 3.5" pots are exactly what I was looking for, but the pots that are bigger are brittle and very flimsy.
  • 3.5 pots dont fit in 1020 trays
    Just a heads up that the 3.5" pots dont fit evenly in standard 1020 trays.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    Nice green plastic pots. Thick enough so they can be washed and reused without being destroyed in the process. 18 fit perfectly in a 10x20 tray.
  • Green house supplies
    I enjoy the selections available, and the quick arrival of the supplies.
  • Good quality pots
    These pots were the perfect size for my plants. The quality is very good. I grow my seeds inside until about 2 inches, then they get moved outside in these pots to harden them before they go in the ground. I have reused these pots several times over and they are holding up. I recommend them.
  • 3 x 3 pots
    Thank you.
  • Basic use; quality construction
    I love these sturdy pots, which make it easy to re-use them.
  • quality pot
    Ordered 3X3 green injection molded. Very happy. Nice size for first start. Small enough to get more plants under the bank of grow lights, big enough to grow a decent size plant. Much better than going from a planting cell to a 3.5 or 4 inch pot...If they outgrow these I will transplant again to a 4. These are sturdy...should last several seasons. Ordered matching trays. Happy with value and quality of everything and very prompt shipping.
  • Great value pot
    Have used this line of plant pots for several years and always happy with the quality and longevity. Greenhouse Megastore has the best price in the industry.
  • 5-3/8 pots
    These are high quality pots that should last quite a while. The square pots make better use of limited space under the grow lights.
  • Good pots when USPS does not crush them !
    When my order arrived the box was all crushed, like if a car rolled over it. 3 pots were in pieces, but the ones that were intact were exactly what I wanted. Good quality, strong and sturdy plastic (not USPS proof though)
  • Square injection mold pots
    4 1/2 pots are durable. I plan to reuse them next year.
  • My Pot Order
    Just the right size. And very fast shipping.Thanks
  • Great reusable pots
    Classic strong little pots. Good for long term use and reuse after sterilization.
  • Square Injection Molded Pots
    These are pictured in an assortment of sizes, and I had previously purchased the smaller (3) ones, which are made of a nice quality, durable plastic which is suitable for using over and over again. I use them to transplant seedlings prior to setting them out in the garden.The larger pots (4 and 4.5) are NOT made of the same plastic, and they are much more brittle... so much so that the rims break on the corners the first time they are picked up with soil and plants in them sometimes. I am disappointed, because I try to reduce waste, and I'm afraid that in a few years these will join the waste stream due to breakage.
  • Great durable product
    I purchased these for transplanting my summer garden seedlings before planting them in the summer garden. Wanted to find something that was durable yet economical to reuse in years to come. This is it !
  • Very Nice Pots
    These are very nice pots. Thick plastic. Can be used over and over. Worth the money. Very happy with them.
  • 3.5
    These Pots specifically the 3.5 Square x 3 Tall size are great for starting seeds; I use a spray bottle with an adjustable mist nozzle to start my seeds; to simulate the mist watering of large scale greenhouses; until my plants are big enough to water regularly. and with the durable construction of these pots; after my seedlings are transplanted into the garden; I hose them out outside First; then run them through the dishwasher on the delicate sitting. and DONE!; they are sterilized and ready for the next season.
  • Square Pots
    Great concept with the trays. However, these pots are way to fragile, several broke while putting soil into them.
  • Chemicaly contaminated plastic
    Plastics arrived, they stank of a chemical smell. Co-workers confirmed the stink so its not my imagination. I let them sit in a room to air out and the whole room stank of the chemical. I then washed, and re-washed some of the containers to try remove the smell but that failed. I then soaked them in baking soda over night to try deodorize them. The smell persists. They are off gassing some a pungant chemical making this product absolutley unsuitable for agricultural uses.
  • Sturdy Pots
    I love these sturdy little pots. I use them for transplanting seedlings from flats. They also fit nicely in molded trays for ease of transport to the garden.
  • Very Solid Pots
    These pots are perfect for starting seeds, without needing to transplant to a larger pot before going in the garden. They are very solid construction, not flimsy like some others. I would bet that I will be using these for decades. Very happy with purchase - at an extremely reasonable price to boot!
  • Great Product
    Great product well made sturdy and highly recommended.
  • pots
    Good product and fast delivery
  • Square Injection Molded Pots - 4
    Most have gaping holes. The mold was not completely filled during making process.
  • Pots
    Received promptly. Already used for transplants. Will haveto get more next year.
  • 4 inch pots
    these 4 inch pots are good quality and are exactly what I ordered. will work nicely in the greenhouse
  • Really like these for onion starts
    Very nice durable plastic containers. I'm using mine for onion starts but would be great for larger peppers or even flowers. This is a pot that will last for at least 3 seasons if not more.
  • good
    for the price- these are good quality and I would buy them again.
  • Dr.
    Ideal size for starting seedlings
  • gold
    just as a note cant tell on the page if how rigid the pots are
  • Nice little Pots
    Purchased these for a cinder block garden wall I was building.Some of the blocks jut out exposing the empty square holes. These pots fit in them perfectly. Nice.
  • Great product
    Pots were exactly what I wanted and shipped quickly
  • Good Basic Pot
    Good basic pot purchased to replace some older ones I've had. I wish they were a bit thicker but I've seen worse. With care and keeping them out of the sun for too long they should last a few seasons.
  • Very happy
    I am very pleased with the durability of the pots. Also the cost is very reasonable.I only wish I had found them before I purchased inferior ones.
  • injection molded pots
    These pots seem to be very sturdy and the 3 1/2 inch size are ideal for very young plants
  • Satisfied
    They measure exactly 4 inches and seem sturdy.
  • Poor Drainage
    The drainage holes in these pots are blocked in about 25% of product. They have to be manually opened with a sharp instrument. Huge time waste for me.
  • Planting Pots
    Pots were delivered quickly and better than I expected
  • perfect size
    I love the size of these pots. Perfect for starter plants and will last forever!
  • Excellent product!!!
    These pots are awesome! They hold up nicely and can be re-used again and again. They are also somewhat pliable which makes it great for removing plants once you're ready to put them in the garden. Extremely satisfied. Just be careful when giving friends seedlings...you may never get the pots back.....they'll love them too.
  • 3
    These are very sturdy starter pots, small enough to fit nearly 2 doz. on a tray, yet large enough that I don't have to up-pot herb and flower seedlings. I bought these to replace the rolled newspaper pots I'd been making - needed to save time and wanted a reusable pot I could throw in the dishwasher (top rack) for quick clean-up. I plan to buy some 4 pots as well, for collards and other veggie seedlings that get large quickly. I am very pleased, and definitely recommend these.
  • sq molded pots- perfect
    These pots fit perfectly into the trays I have. Over the years giving plants away...I ran out of pots LONG before trays. These will be perfect for starting vegetables and flowers for friends, neighbors and the family reunion...we will have contests and flowers prizes for the whole gang. I love these pots !! PERFECT for what we need....and they are well made.THANKS for a great product, and YES I would recommend these!!!
  • 30087
    I like the KORD pots better but since they are not available these seem like they will work just as good.
  • 5 inch square injection molded pots
    Great product,my plants love it and the square pot fits right how I want it in my terrarium.
  • great value
    these were by far the least expensive 4 pots i could find in bulk. very sturdy plastic that is pliable so they don't crack or break at all. used for tomatoes, eggplant and peppers and all were very happy in them. easy to pinch the plants out too. this is only their first use but it doesn't look like they will degrade with age.
  • Kord Square Pots - 5-3/8
    These pots are awesome! PERFECT for what I needed!
  • Excellent quality
    I am very pleased with the strength of this product. To tell the truth, I expected, for the price, shoddy, thin plastic. These pots will hold up in my greenhouses and in my various uses...be they on site or in the hands of individuals to whom I may transfer my plants.
  • Great little pot!!!
    Sturdy Pots, well satisfied with the product, also bought trays to match, pots fit in perfectly!!
  • A Good Size and the Square Shape.
    These Kord square pots are a good size for transplanting from a 3 inch round container. There square shape is a bonus if you buy the Kord Carry trays in just the right size. 15 plants in a really small area. Love em.
  • Great Starter pots...
    I find these mini's to be perfect for starting my most valuable seeds!
  • Kord 4
    Great for multiple purposes. Strong, sturdy and reusable. This is my second order
  • Home gardener
    Have used Kord pots in my home greenhouse for years and love the quality. Greenhouse Mega Store sent me pots made by Dillon and they are thin and cheaply made. Will not order again. I was told Dillon purchased Kord. Not happy with the Dillon product.
  • Great Pots
    Great square pots takeup less space and work well with carrier tray...
  • Fredericka
    great size and excellent quality
  • Kord Square Pots
    This is my second order and work great!
  • Hounder
    Good quality, reasonable value. These pots are fairly heavy-walled, should stand up to repeated use. The height-to-width ration is just about right. Good value.
  • Thank You Greenhouse Megastore!
    I am very happy with the trays and the containers I ordered. I ordered the incorrect tray for the pots by accident. They noticed it and called me to verify what I ordered and before shipping. That is customer service! Thanks a million!
  • Kord 4 inch pot
    Great pot for the price. Should last for reuse for several years. 4 inch good size for larger plants. Fit perfect in matching Kord tray.
  • Nice simple pots
    I am a homegrower who starts seeds and plants out my own plants rather than buying them from a nursery. These pots allow me to economically create my own starter plants, but are durable enough to reuse for years if well cared for. I am very happy with the results.
  • Easy gardening
    Products that make doing it yourself trouble free.
  • Roderic
    Fit perfectly in the Kord carrying trays, and are an excellent option over coir and peat. I still use all 3, as they each have their place in different setups and plantings. They are durable and will last many years for sure.
  • Kord 5 inch+
    The perfect tomato pot. 8 of these fit snuggly into a 10/20.
  • pots
    I received the pots and am loving them.
  • Colleen
    Really fantastic pots! Good price as well.
  • Sale Pots
    Will be using these to sell pre-bonsai plants at our annual show in Saratoga. Just the perfect size for my plants.
  • Good quality
    Good quality for amateur propagation work. Sturdy enough to be cleaned and reused for several seasons.
  • 4 inch pots
    Sturdy; wish I had ordered a whole case.
  • Kord Pots & Carrying Trays
    The pots are sturdy & fit snugly in their trays.....I've been looking for this kind of system for years!
  • Kord Square Pots
    Excellent price and quality!!! Thanks
  • Kord Square Pots
    Durable, inexpensive, and the best bang-for-your-buck that I've found space-wise. 18 pots fit beautifully into a carrying tray with no tip-overs!
  • Color of 3-in Kord Pots
    Whie I have not yet used the Kord Pots as ordered and their durable product construction is, I think, as expected--I was a bit disappoianted that the supplied color is a distinct dull, somewhat darkened blackish green, and not the bright GREEN Color of past years of usage,--but not your problem! However, you may want to inform your Canadian supplier that most Gardeners prefer the more 'Brilliant Hues. Otherwise quite happy.
  • Mrs.
    just what I needed--wanted something that would last more than one year!
  • Perfect little pots
    I bought my first few of these three years ago and have used them over and over (at least six uses a year from my oldest ones.)As my seedlings first transplant home, I like that 21 of them nest neatly in a 1020 flat with room for bottom watering and air circulation between each pot. So convinced of their quality, I bought a box of 504 of them a month or so ago for this years growing off annual plugs. They hold up well when shipping young plants to customers too!
  • works for me
    the kord square pots are perfect for what I need and the service...awesomeand the price was definatly right. I'll be needing more :)thanks
  • pots I ordered
    Nice quality. Shipped fast, well packaged. Thank You
  • best purchase ever
    I have a small garden nursery in South Texas. I normally use the thin cheap plastic pots for my seedlings this time I ordered your 1cn-sqk 45 pots I was very pleasantly surprised of the quality. Their are heavy and reusable and my customers really like that. They get a plant and a reusable pot. Plus they are square and easier for display on my display shelves. Thank you for a good product I will be ordering more different sizes when I run out of these.
  • Great product
    Sturdy and good looking. Should last me for some years.
  • Excellent Garden Pots
    These pots were exactly what I needed for potting starter trees. With their quality construction, I anticipate several years of use from each pot.
  • Very handy
    I was so pleased on seeing these pots. Very strong and made to last! I will be using these for many seasons. I bought the 4 but the 6 would of been a better way to go. And the trays are a must buy to go with the pots. Don't think twice go ahead and place your order, Price is the best and fast service.......
  • CN-SQK
  • potting up
    As a home gardener (without a greenhouse!) I still managed to seed about 40 flats of annuals and perennials. But I could never find the small pots to pot up my seedlings at any retailer in my area. Greenhouse Megastore had the solution with their Kord pots that are sturdy, affordable, nice color, and fit into trays perfectly. I put them through the dishwasher after my plants went outside and they're ready for next year! A good value!
  • Adequate for what I needed
    These pots were somewhat less sturdy than I anticipated but adequate for what I will use them for. With the trays are easy to transport.
  • Sturdy Pots/Very Pleased
    I wanted to buy some small plastic pots for rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings, etc. After reading the reviews, I selected the 3x2.5 pots and bought a case of 504. I was a little hesitant, because I noticed that in Feb 2009 Bunny commented that these Kord pots are ...injection molded, and therefore not sturdy... and that they would not ...last beyond a single use. I have not yet used these pots, but I'm not sure I follow Bunny's logic that injection molded pots are not sturdy. Out of curiosity, I measured them (rough estimate, because there is a lip at the top of the pot)... the walls of these pots are approximately 0.035 inch (which is 35 mil.) Unlike some cheap injection molded items, these are not flimsy with plastic stringers hanging off them. They are very sturdy; I think my husband could probably drive his F350 over them, and they'd pop right back (o.k., I exaggerate.) Great quality; great price.
  • A good quality product!
    I was skeptical at first but when product arrived I was impressed. It was everything promised and even more. Wish I had found this site earlier before I had invested in other brands. Very good quality.
  • Kord Pots
    We are very pleased with not only the product, but the prompt service and delivery!
  • Great transplant pots!
    I love these pots for all of my transplants. They are sturdy, visually appealing, and can be washed and reused for years!
  • Read the product description
    I made the mistake of reading the reviews, and not reading the product description - carefully! These are injection molded, and therefore not sturdy - in my opinion. However, they are more sturdy than most injection molded items. I would not recommend these to a friend, because I value things that are more sturdy, and will last beyond a single use. If you're looking for something inexpensive, and durability isn't an issue - this would probably be great.
  • just the best!
    these are perfect for my application, bonsai starter seedlings - great price, great product!
  • Surprisingly sturdy!
    I was very pleasantly surprised when my box of pots showed up. It was far heavier than I expected, and when I opened it, I understood why: these pots are extremely sturdy and well-constructed. The carrying trays are still back-ordered, but I am glad to have such high-quality pots for my liners. Thank you!
  • CN-SQK
  • CN-SQK
  • Great Pots!!!
    I love these little green pots. Being a new hobbyist I was looking for the perfect size mini-pots to transplant my tomato seedlings into. I had over 200!!! These little pots allowed for plenty of root space, deeper soil to stimulate more root activity & more support for the stem of the seedlings. The pots are small, uniform, and fit perfectly into the trays...they save major space! I was able to fit over 200 tomato seedlings into a small area. They are also very professional looking. Thank you Greenhouse Megastore!
  • Fantastic Money Saver
    I purchased the 3 1/2 pots and trays and am thrilled with the results! We have a 1/2 acre lot and as you can guess, adding annual color by way of retail flats can get expensive! I ordered these pots and flats and for the cost of a few seeds and a little time, I have beautiful color throughout my yard. 3 1/2 is a great size to allow for plants to mature before putting in the ground and still have plenty of room for the roots. Try them, you will definitely like them!
  • Best deal for the money!
    These are your basic square greenhouse pots, the product didn't let me down! I needed to replant some seedlings I had started, so I searched and searched for a better price online and even ran to my local greenhouse and couldn't find a better price, even figuring in the shipping!! I hope I can save you the time, just make your purchase here!