Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat

Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat


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Save even more energy with the Thermo 2 Digital electronic control!

Whether heating, ventilating or cooling - the Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat by Bio Green is your ideal controller for all climate control systems. Set the temperature and, for example, directly control the electrical heating or the heating cable of your breeding station via the thermostat.

With the Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat you can even cool your greenhouse while the recirculation function helps you avoid dew. Get our all-in-one thermostat for your greenhouse now - of course in the usual Bio Green quality.

  • Ready to plug in & use
  • Provides heat & cooling functions
  • Thermostat 1 for cooling in summer
  • Thermostat 2 for heating in winter
  • Function 1 for fans in summer
  • Function 2 for heating in winter
  • Robust and digital display
  • Approximately 5 ft. (1.5 m) temperature sensor cable length
  • Includes Schuko (Type F) socket
  • Up to 3000W / 10,240 BTUs power adjustable


Weight 0.81 lb / 0.3 kg
Heat Source Electricity
Cable length 3.2' / 1 m
Switching accuracy 13.0 A
Measuring temperature range -58 to 108°F / -50 to 42°C
Mechanical rating IPX4
Power connection 110 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Manufactured In China

Additional Information

Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat Installation & Operating Instructions (PDF)

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Legacy Review
Easy to program, rugged, and compact

I've been using this thermostat in my 9x10 Everlite glasshouse for 6 of the last 7 months.

It is easy to program, and keeps its last temperature setting for both heating and cooling, when switching between the two modes.

It was easy to hang both the thermostat unit and the ambient sensor. So far, this thermostat been entirely reliable for me. Love it!

Frederic Lee
Thermostat for small hot house

After installation I found it does not work. If it worked it could be exactly what I need for small (8'X6') hot house. none of the buttons work. It reads the ambient temp. OK, but to program is impossible as the buttons do not respond (none of them).