Plastic Plant Labels

Plastic Plant Labels


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Our plain, white plastic plant labels are produced from high impact recycled styrene which makes these labels easy to write on.

  • 4-1/2" x 1" Square Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
  • 5" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)
  • 6" x 5/8" Rounded Edge (100/per bundle or 1000/per case)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Katherine Cooley (Chicago, US)

These are exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy and will last multiple seasons.

Maida Goodwin (Whately, US)

These labels were too lightweight and brittle to even survive one season. The molded plastic ones I ordered several years ago are still going strong. I will order those in the future.

Kristi O'Donnell (Houston, US)
Labels are great

Been using these for awhile. Yes, I hate plastic, but I reuse as much as I can. They really work the best in a garden.

C.T. (New York, US)
You have to snap each out of a solid roll of plastic

There is some labor. They don't always break out cleanly. The plastic tears easily and there are broken labels. Very thin plastic.

I won't buy them again, they are not a bargain considering the labor and waste.

Lindsey Madison (Sacramento, US)
They work

Very thin and flexible, wish they were rigid, they just bend when you try to sick them into soil. They're really smooth too, fine point market doesn't even write on them, it just beads up, they're weird, I won't be reordering them

4.5” Tags

I’ve been using these tags for years, and love that they’re the perfect size for writing out plant info for seedling sales, and are the perfect size to accommodate labels.

Marge Powell (Jacksonville, US)
Works well

I use these with labels I print to tag the plants I sell to local nurseries. They work very well

Joe Matteson (Richmond, US)

Perfect, for the application I had on mind.

Brian (Long Beach, US)
Exceptional Quality

The 6" x 5/8" plant labels are substantially better than the standard ones that are generally available in retail. These last longer and are less prone to breaking.

Carissa Brands (San Rafael, US)
5" Plant Labels

They work great for pen and pencil and are thick enough plastic to not bend easily. Totally reusable.