Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots
Square Black Form Pots

Square Black Form Pots


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Need to provide extra support to your new and growing seedlings? Our square plastic planting pots offer excellent surroundings for annuals, vegetable cuttings and other seedlings at low, affordable prices.

Used in conjunction with Black Form Trays, these economical vacuum-molded square nursery pots are designed with performance in mind. You also can add them to traditional 1020 trays and other flats to organize plants and prepare them for transplanting, so get yours today from Greenhouse Megastore.

Small black planters are available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling and bench space requirements. The 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch square nursery pots come in regular and "deep square" versions to accommodate seedlings with longer root systems. See below for the full dimensions and capacity of each square plant pot.

Square Black Form Pots are an effective method of bringing potted plants to market. Save money with our large cases of mini black planters for commercial and teaching greenhouses. We sell our square black form pots at wholesale prices, but you can save even more money by signing up for our newsletter below!

For pots, bags, planters and other garden supplies, we hope you'll shop with us here at Greenhouse Megastore.

Black Square Nursery Pot Features:

  • Made of vacuum-molded (i.e. thermoformed) polyethylene plastic
  • Bottom drainage holes
  • Eight configurations
  • For use with Greenhouse Megastore Black Form Trays


  • Carrying trays must be ordered separately. Please double-check the pot size and pack or case amount before purchase.
  • Avoid excessive heat. Do not store outside, especially in direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures may cause empty containers to deform.

Additional Information

Potting Guide (PDF)


Name Dimensions (in.) Capacity (cu. in.)
2.5" Square 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 3.5" H 15
3.25" Square 3.25" L x 3.25" W x 3.5" H 29
3.5" Square 3.5" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H 32
3.5" Deep Square
3.5" L x 3.5" W x 5 H 42.25
4" Square 3.66" L x 3.66" W x 3.11" H 32.83
4.5" Square 4.25" L x 4.25" W x 3.75" H 50
4.5" Deep Square 4.25" L x 4.25" W x 4-7/8" H 65
5.5" Square 5.25" L x 5.25" W x 6 H 116

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Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Jay Suddreth (Trenton, US)
Seedling pots

These pots are great they're sturdy when filled and don't lose their shape. Wash them out and reuse them many times. Great value for your money

Michelle Wilson (Denver, US)

Great pots

Melanie (Peterborough, US)
Great pots!

Just what I wanted and needed for potting up seedlings. Good structure, not too thin, but not so thick that they're bulky. I had no defects in the 150 I ordered.

G.Z. (Champaign, US)
Preferred size for my vegetable transplants

Placed an order for several different items Monday night, product arrived Friday morning with everything exactly as ordered, with no freight charge, as the order was over $100. The 2.5" pots are my preferred size for up-potting my vegetable seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, escarole, basil, etc.) before planting them out in the garden. Treated with care they are easily reusable for 2 or 3 seasons, after sanitizing before reuse. Frequently I repair small cracks in the top rim (after cleaning) with scotch tape in order to get another season out of them, since I'm not selling plants and want to get the maximum use out of plastic anything before recycling. Larger pots such as the 3.5" deep square allow much larger plants, but require much more soil mix and space before I could get them in the ground. Only 2 caveats with these: first, be sure to order the trays which snugly hold 32 of these 2.5" pots and fit into a web tray for moving around; they will fall over on their own in an open flat. Second, don't leave the empty pots in the hot sun or they may warp. Overall they're an excellent value and make very efficient use of ever more expensive planting mix.

Jeffy (Columbus, US)
Good for the money

Good price on a reasonable quality container. Super fast delivery too!

Karl Gant (Tulsa, US)
Handy Easily Contained Pots

With square sides I can pack a bunch into a medium size box. Durable enough for reusing.

AverageJo8777 (Marysville, US)
Deep Roots = Better Melon and Squash Seedlings

I bought the Square Black Form Pots 3.5" Deep Square pots to grow melon and squash seedlings for our spring plant sale because you're not supposed to disturb the roots of seedlings when transplanting to your garden. I wanted to give the seedlings a chance to develop strong roots before transplanting. These pots are great! They are not the sturdiest, but I can see that they could be reused with a good wash, to get another season or two of use from them. They fit the 1020 Extra Heavy Duty Trays fairly well, three rows across the width of the trays and don't topple over.

Martin Eader (Poolesville, US)

Great products!!! Would definitely order again.

Diane Bignell (Glendale Heights, US)

Fast service good quality for the price

P. (Medford, US)
Both 4.5" and 3.5" pots

4.5" deep seem to crack easily when filling for transplants. They are more roomy for roots and buys time if seedlings become too big too fast. Good size for plant sales too. I moved to 3.5" pots -more sturdy to cracking, but they are top heavy when moving trays to GH or to harden off. Maybe their holder is the answer, havent tried it. Both sizes clean up easily for reuse (if I get any back) The canning jars and seedling pots rarely get saved or returned of any size.