Sustane® 6 lbs. Bolster® MycoBio™ Microbial Inoculum
Sustane® 6 lbs. Bolster® MycoBio™ Microbial Inoculum

Sustane® 6 lbs. Bolster® MycoBio™ Microbial Inoculum


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Bolster® MycoBio™ from Sustane® is a blend of endo mycorrhizae species and beneficial bacteria, with humic acid and compost to support the proliferation of soil microorganisms. Bolster® MycoBio™ is used for inoculating soils and growing media with beneficial microbiology for improved nutrient cycling and to amend soil to improve seedling success and promote vigorous plant establishment.

MycoBio™ can be applied to new plantings of turfgrass, fruit, vegetable, and grain crops. It supports the growth of diverse crops in all types of growing environments. Ideal for transplant production in greenhouse and nursery systems as well as hydroseeding in erosion control applications and new turf establishment.Best used in combination with a Sustane-based organic fertility program using an N:P2O5 ratio that is greater than 2:1 over the entire grow cycle.

Key ingredients & Benefits:

Mycorrhizal fungi are living organisms that provide several benefits for their host plant. These organisms are entirely dependent upon their symbiotic relationship with plants for survival and consequently provide a number of services and materials to assure their host plant’s survival and productivity. Suståne has chosen 4 specific strains of endo mycorrhizae that are most likely to form positive relationships with the majority of plant types you grow. Upon colonization of the host plant, mycorrhizae begin to significantly increase the plant’s access to the soil resource pool by extending (literally miles of additional) microfilaments known as hyphae throughout the rhizosphere (root zone). These threadlike structures extract both soil moisture and plant nutrients from an enlarged area and from minute sites that are inaccessible to bare roots drawing water and nutrients from a volume of soil that is much greater than what the plant alone can access.

Bacillus is a genus of bacteria that are commonly found in soils. The microorganisms help facilitate the cycling of nutrients, transforming them into plant-available forms for uptake by plants. These microorganisms can also protect against certain soil-borne diseases, resulting in more resilient plants.

Humates are naturally occurring, complex organic molecules that are formed as a result of the decomposition of plant and animal material which has been compressed for millions of years deep below Earth's surface. Humates have numerous benefits, including being a rich source of carbon, improving soil structure, and increasing root growth.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients:

60% Endo-Mycorrhizae Inoculant (minimum of 120 spores per gram)
84 spores per gram Rhizophagus irregularis
12 spores per gram Rhizophagus clarus
12 spores per gram Septoglomus deserticola
12 spores per gram Claroideoglomus etunicatum
0.3% Bacterial Inoculant (minimum 100,000 CFU per gram)
20,000 CFU per gram Bacillus subtilis
20,000 CFU per gram Bacillus pumilus
20,000 CFU per gram Bacillus megaterium
20,000 CFU per gram Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
20,000 CFU per gram Bacillus licheniformis
3% Humic Acid (from leonardite)
36.7% Composted Turkey Litter

Applications and Rates:

Blend into growing media used for seed starting, transplant production, and/or initial planting of rooted cuttings at 1 - 2 lb. per yd3 (.65-1.5 kg m3) of media.

Agricultural Field Use:
Apply in-furrow along with seed at 10 to 20 lb. per acre (11-22 kg per Ha) for corn and small grains, 20 to 40 lb. (22-44 kg per Ha) per acre for soybean, and 40 to 80 lb. per acre (44-88 kg per Ha) for vegetables and other high-value specialty crops.

Greenhouse/Transplant Production:
For seed starting, transplant production, and/or initial planting of rooted cuttings, thoroughly incorporate into potting media using 1 - 2 lb. per yd3 (.65-1.5 kg m3). Increase to 3 lbs. per yd3 (1.95 kg m3) when using propagation trays with < 20 cm3 cell volumes. For smaller planting volumes, use 1.5 tablespoons per gallon (2.6 g per L) of potting media, or 1 cup per 2.8 ft3&(128 g per .26 m3) loose-filled bag of media.

Landscape and Garden Use:
Indoors, use 1.5 tablespoons per gallon (2.6 g per L) of the potting mix when establishing or replanting houseplants. Outdoors, apply ½ cup per gallon (64 g per 3.8 L) of fill dirt when planting shrubs or trees. In garden beds, use just 1 teaspoon (2.5 g) of material in each transplant hole for small flower vegetable transplants. Alternatively, apply in-furrow using 1 lb.-2 lb. per 100 ft2(1-2 kg per 100 m2) of soil when planting vegetables, fruit, or flower gardens.

1.5 lb. covers 1,000 ft2@ 60 lb. per acre. Apply 60 lb. per acre
750 g covers 100m2 @ 75 kg per hectare. Apply 75 g per 1m2

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to moisture or extreme temperatures. For best results, use by the expiration date printed on the label.

*NOTE: Adjust fertilizer program for local conditions & requirements.

Additional Information

Spec Sheet (PDF)
OMRI Listed Certification (PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
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